Sasha came to the shelter when her previous owners could no longer cope…..after she had two litters of kittens! Considering she is barely two years old herself, she has already had a lot to deal with in her life. We now have the mission of finding her the perfect home!

Sasha is a real sweetie, if a little shy at first. She clearly hadn’t been in a home where she could “let her hair down” and enjoy herself. However, now she is kitten free and in a foster home, she has had lots of time to get used to the good life. She enjoys pottering around following her fosterers and having a nebby at what they’re doing. She also enjoys sitting on the bed and watching the birds outside.

She is a gentle natured kitty and deserves a loving home for the rest of her life.

Sasha has never lived with dogs or other cats, and we don’t believe she has lived with young children before. She would benefit from a pet free home that is not busy or bustling, where she can relax and take things in her stride. She may be ok with older sensible children, but does get easily spooked with loud or strange noises.

Sasha isn’t really an adventurous soul, she finds her favourite safe places and amuses herself a lot of the time. She enjoys playing with her fosterer with a ping pong ball too! And she loves the laser pen!!

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Ryo came to the shelter as his owners could not afford vet treatment for him when he had a blocked bladder.

Ryo was in a very bad way when he got to the vets and it was touch and go for a while, we weren’t sure if he’d make it…..but he absolutely did and we were so proud of him for being a little fighter! Saying that, he is one of the most gentle cats we have had. He was hospitalised for a week while poorly, but once he was able to leave the vets’ care, we were happy to take him in and give him all the love, TLC and care he needed to recover fully.

Ryo is a little nervous, but is very affectionate and such a sweet soul.

Ryo will need a nice quiet home, with no children or other pets. He will also need experienced owners, as he may have similar bouts of this in the future (UTI, blocked bladder or cystitis). He will need someone who will keep a close eye on him and be able to seek veterinary advice as soon as there are any signs of illness.

Ryo may like to venture outside when settled so will need a home in a quiet area, well away from busy roads.

If you feel you have the love and care to give that Ryo needs, apply here

Dotty and Florence

Dotty and Florence came to the shelter with quite a few other cats! Siblings, mum, and kittens of their own. Being allowed to breed year after year, this colony needed help. Along with another fantastic rescue, we got these cats to safety and are now in the process of finding them great homes.

These girls are sisters, and Florence just loves Dotty! She gets a lot of confidence from her and enjoys a mutual groom! Florence is a wacky little character. She is very playful (still a kitten herself really!) and sometimes is a little clumsy! She is very affectionate with us humans when she gets to know you. She isn’t a cuddle cat, but does have lots of fuss and enjoys a brush too, in fact, if you are brushing Dotty she likes to come over and steal the limelight…and the brush!

Dotty is a sweetheart, and has been such a good mum to her own kittens and to Florence’s surviving kitten. Now these girls need a home of their own. Dotty is wary of new people at first, but soon comes around and enjoys a fuss, a brush and some treats!

The girls aren’t lapcats (as yet) and aren’t too comfortable about being picked up for long periods, but can be handled and enjoy being fussed.

We think these girls are getting a little fed up now, as they have been with us for a couple of months and have had to put up with their youngsters’ antics! They are desperately craving their own space and we are sure would be looking forward to eventually going outside again.

The girls will need a home in a quiet area for when they do start going outside again. They will also need a quiet adult only home, as they aren’t used to the hustle and bustle of a busy household. The girls will need a patient owner who will give them lots of TLC and fusses while they settle in to home life. Even though the girls have lived with other cats in the colony, at this point we feel they would be better off as the only pets in the home.

If you have the perfect home for these special girls, apply here


Timmy came to the shelter when his owner sadly died.

Timmy is a very independent chap. He likes things on his own terms, but is very affectionate and chatty. He is a very handsome cat, and we think he knows it too!

Timmy isn’t particularly a “cuddle cat”, but does come for a fuss when he feels like one. He enjoys being in our outdoor patio (catio) area, so we feel he will like to be able to venture outdoors in his new home. He enjoys our company and sits with us at lunch, and is always happy to see us.

Timmy loves loves loves catnip!! He also loves his food!

He will need a pet free home (preferably in an area where there aren’t too many other cats for him to come across, as apparently he can be a bit of a scrapper!). We don’t think he will be suitable to live with children, so a quiet adult only home with understanding owners is just what he needs.

If you feel you could give Timmy the home he would be happy in, after such an upheaval for him when he lost his owner, please apply here


Olive came to the shelter with many other cats that had been left to breed over and over again in a garden.

Olive had clearly been around people, but had never lived inside with them. She was reserved when she arrived and protective of her 4 babies. She has been on foster with her kittens until they were big enough to leave her. So she is now looking for her own home.

Olive lived with a large colony of cats, so may be able to be introduced steadily to other cats. She will need a lot of patience and someone with experience of nervous cats.

She is very inquisitive and likes to know what’s going on and will come for head bumps when she’s feeling confident. In the right home we hope she will really come out of her shell, learn to trust her humans and live a happy life after the awful start she had.

Olive would benefit from a home without children, and in a quiet area for when she wants to start venturing outside again. She will need patient owners that can take the time to help her gain some confidence, but the rewards of this will be great.