Beatrix came to us after her owner could no longer look after her due to health issues.

Beatrix is shy at first but very sweet once she gets to know you.

She has lived with other cats before, but these cats were quite relaxed and not dominant, so if she was to live with another cat they would have to show the same temperament as the ones she had lived with before.

Beatrix has also lived with children over the age of 9, but due to her initial shyness, we think a slow introduction at the shelter would benefit her best so that our staff could assess how she reacts to children that she doesn’t know very well.


Dougie came to us as his owner was moving to another city and could not take Dougie to their new accommodation.

Dougie is a sweet and very playful chap.

He can be very boisterous as he is still young and therefore when he gets over stimulated he can nip/swipe at you. Because of this Dougie will not be able to live with young children, but he could possibly live with teenagers over the age of 13. We think this might be due to his past, we believe that he might have been taken away from his mum and siblings too early.

Bill and Burt

These lovely boys came to us after their owner had to move and couldn’t keep them in their new home.

They are both very sweet and affectionate.

Burt is the more outgoing one of the pair.

They may be able to live with another cat, as long as that cat is not dominant and is quite relaxed.

They may be ok to live with teenagers, or even younger children but this would have to be assessed when visiting the shelter as the boys have never lived with children before.


We don’t know much about Shadow’s past. He is a very timid cat that will need experienced owners to bring him around.

Shadow may never be a lap cat and he will require work/effort to help him trust his new owners.

Due to the above we think Shadow will need an adult only home, with no other pets.

He is an outdoor cat so will need a home in a quiet area away from busy or main roads.


Angel is a very independent kitty, who has plenty of catitude!

She can be affectionate but on her terms only.

Angel loves to be outside more than being indoors and really likes her food.

She will need a home with no other pets or children.

Angel will need an experienced owner who doesn’t have high expectations.


Melody is a little shy at first before she gets to know you. Once she is comfortable with you she loves fusses and cuddles! She may be a lap cat in the future.

We think that Melody would be best suited to a home with no children or other pets.

She will make a lovely companion for someone!

Melody is an outdoor cat so will need access to the outdoors, away from main/busy roads.


Scarlett came to us after her owner could no longer cope.

She is a very sweet cat! Loves attention and is quite the chatterbox!

She has lived with other cats before, so with slow introductions she could possibly live with another cat in her new home.

Scarlett has also lived with children over the age of 10.

If you are interested in adopting Scarlett then please fill out the adoption form on our website.


Georgia came to us after being found next to a dual carriageway. A lovely person spotted her and took her in for a few weeks. However, with no luck in finding her previous owner despite weeks of trying, Georgia came to us.

This is what Georgia’s fosterer has to say about her:

“Georgia is a very confident, curious, playful kitten with lots of energy. She loves interactive play- chase games running full length of lounge and round the house.  She loves exploring all about her – in cupboards etc. She also loves climbing up high -tallest cupboard.  

She sits on the window sill keenly watching any birds and the squirrel.

She is great company and follows you around, likes to know where you are. She is very social and loves visitors too.

She has a lovely loud purr. She likes a cuddle and will curl up next to you or on your lap for affection but does not stay long, likes to be on the go but l am sure once she matures this will increase.

She has several comfy places she goes to when she wants a sleep in the afternoon on sofa and chair.

She will let you pick her up and walks into carry case!! ( never had a cat do that before)

Likes her food and uses her litter tray well.

Was able to teach her to use scratch posts rather than the furniture – need a few. She seems very interested in going outside but hasn’t tried to escape yet.”

Please fill out our adoption form to express your interest in adopting Georgia.


Poor Pippin was about to be thrown out of his home because his owners no longer wanted him. Thankfully another rescue brought him to us where he is now safe and well.

Pippin is very sweet albeit a little shy at first. He has been used to going outdoors so will need a home away from any main or busy roads. As far as we are aware he hasn’t lived with children or other pets.

We think he will make a lovely companion in the right home.


Hayley came to the shelter when her owner could no longer cope.

Hayley is a sweet girl, she is very shy and will take some time to come out of her shell. She is very affectionate when she does feel comfortable enough to come and see you and will often be paddling away in her bed, purring or having a little lick of your hand.

We have seen her come out of her shell in the shelter, Hayley is very playful but can be spooked out by sudden movements or loud noises.

Due to her shy disposition, we feel she would be better suited to an adult only home where someone is home often.

Hayley doesn’t get along with other cats. She may like to go outdoors in the future when settled, so will need a home in a quiet area away from any busy roads.


Pixie came to the shelter when her owner could no longer keep her.

Pixie is a sweet little cat. She is still a little unsure at the shelter in the new environment, but does still enjoy to be gently fussed on her own terms. She has a very sweet croaky miaow, which she uses often!

Pixie is used to going outdoors so will need a home away from main/busy roads.


Noel came to us in a sorry state.

Noel is now in care with a short term fosterer until we can find a permanent suitable home for him.

He is a very shy cat, but very gentle, and will need someone to be proactive in helping him find some confidence. His fosterers have done a great job with this, but it is clear he doesn’t deal well with change, so his new owners will need to understand this and put the effort in to make him feel comfortable.

Noel has had to have a few dental surgeries and also surgery on his eye, which couldn’t be saved so has been removed. His Fosterer saw a big difference in him once his painful eye was removed and has even had him playing! We have also recently found out that Noel suffers with Pancreatitis. He is currently on some medication to help with this, and will most likely be on this for the rest of his life.

Going forward we feel Noel will be safer kept indoors, and he doesn’t show interest in going outdoors anyway.

He would benefit from someone who is home often (perhaps works from home) and has the ability to encourage him out of his hiding place and have regular play and grooming sessions with him.

This special boy is going to need a special home, with experienced cat owners, no children, no other pets, and plenty of love!


Sam came to the shelter after having a horrendous past. He had been mistreated and neglected since 6 weeks of age.

Sam was very unsure and untrusting when he first came to the shelter. However with patience and a wonderful foster home, he is beginning to trust more.

Same is only a youngster and should never have had the start to life that he had, but we are hoping we can make up for this for the rest of his life.

His fosterer gave us this insight into his behaviour in their quiet, experienced home:

“Where do I start with this cat?! He is a really gorgeous and loving little man, so long as you allow him to do whatever he wants, when he wants!!  

Firstly…..  I have never known a cat as funny with food……  one day he will eat a certain flavour / make, and gobble it down, then the next day he won’t touch it & pesters/cries until you feed him another flavour (he has us wrapped around his paw already!) 

I have tried not changing it and leaving it down, but it doesn’t work, he just wont eat it, he isn’t easily fooled! So I cling film it and then put it down again for a later meal, 90% of the time this works & he will eat it. 

I have tried everything to get him to try biscuits to no avail.  Even mixing with fresh chicken &  tuna… way.

He is not as bad for attacking at random now, he still does on occasions, but here are a few trigger points I have noticed …. 

Never pick him up to hold / cuddle. It’s ok to move him out of a cupboard or off the window sill, but not to cuddle.

Always wear socks! Typical kitten, he loves biting ankles & toes however he has no restraint & really goes for the kill after a couple of bites.

We have to  let him have the run of the home and not in the bedroom at night. He would start leaping after feet moving under the covers, great fun, but then he gets over-excited and doesn’t understand when to stop. It got to the stage as soon as he came on the bed, he went crackers. He loves it on his own bed & laid on ours during the day. We think this may be due to various things, 1. He didn’t have the socialisation and teachings with his siblings when he was young as he was homed at only 6 weeks old, so didn’t learn any manners or how hard to bite when playing; 2. He was abused physically in his last home and was most likely scared, frustrated and unsure of how to understand and handle those experiences. 

Sam is a cat with issues, but we believe they can be managed and he could live a happy life with the right people.

You can’t leave anything food wise on the kitchen sides, he will eat it!

So, that’s the less favourable stuff out of the way… Now the good, which far outweighs that lot.   

He is so loving, he follows you all over. He has the most pathetic meow I ever heard & you just have to give in to him!!!!     He likes playing with his laser light but his fave toys are balls, either loose or in the towers.  Sometimes he even fetches it back for you to throw again.  He has 3 beds of his own & 2 climbing towers & floor space / settees etc etc .  . and he uses them all .  

He will come & sit with you & loves his chin & back scratching. He also likes to be brushed BUT he lets you know when he’s had enough, he won’t get the claws out, just a tap to say “oy, enough now thanks”. 

Sam needs a forever home where there are no kids & no other pets.  He won’t be a lap cat but he is loving. It just has to be on his terms.  He loves window gazing and watching cat tv (birds!).  

Basically he wants to be loved & he wants to be close to you when HE wants.   

Since he was neutered, he has calmed down a lot, maybe he will continue to do so , but even if he doesn’t change any more, he is a truly lovely cat. “

We think he would definitely like to start going outside at some point so will need a home away from main and busy roads, preferable in a quiet, green area! 

Please only apply for Sam if you have the experience, patience and suitable home that he needs. Serious applications only please.