Marmaduke came to us when his lady owner passed away.

Marmaduke is a wonderful little cat. Can be reserved at first, but once he gets to know you, he is very fussy and cuddly. He is feeling much better now he’s had his rotten teeth out and a good clean of the rest of them.

Some of the staff have fallen head over heels for this little guy so we have no doubt he will steal the heart of anyone who meets him.

Marmaduke is used to going outside so will need a home in a quiet area so he will be safe when he ventures out.

Marmaduke isn’t used to being around children so an adult only home would be best.

Marmaduke will make a wonderful companion and he’s so handsome, you could sit and look at him all day!


Pudding came to the shelter as part of a group of 15 cats.

Pudding is a very sweet boy. He can be shy and skitty if he doesn’t know you, but once he knows you’re his human and you bring him nice things, he soon comes around. Lately, Pudding has been demanding fusses from the staff, and likes to roll over a bit while he’s enjoying the fuss. This lovely boy will make a great companion for someone.

Pudding has always lived indoors, so this will stay this way.

He is used to living with a large group of cats, but doesn’t appear to be bonded with any of them.

Pudding would ideally need a quiet adult only home, where he can really come out of his shell and gain in confidence.


Suki came to the shelter as part of a group of 15 cats.

Suki is an independent lady. She is a little nervous around people she doesn’t know, but once she does get used to her environment and her humans, she will allow you to gently and slowly fuss her on her cheeks and head, and if she feels like it, down her back. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body, but can be scared easily. In the right home with an experienced owner that can be patient with her and take her for who she is, she will be right at home and make a lovely companion.

She has always lived indoors, so would need to stay this way. Suki isn’t used to children, so an adult only home is a must. She has lived with many cats, but doesn’t seem particularly bonded to any of them. However, some of them do like to use her as a pillow!

Scoot and Bertie

Scoot and Bertie came to the shelter as part of a large group of 15 cats.

These two are a lovely pair. Bertie is very friendly and quite confident. Scoot is a little more jumpy, but just as sweet and fussy when he gets to know you.

These chaps have always lived indoors and have lived with a lot of other kitties, so will benefit from having each other in a new home.

They have never lived with children and as Scoot can be a bit nervous, a quiet, loving, adult only home would be great for them.



Troy came to the shelter with a group of cat when his previous owner passed away.

Troy was by far the most shy of the five cats, but now he knows the staff at the shelter, he is getting very brave, is the 3rd in line at the door for his breakfast and evening meal, and comes over to politely ask for fusses, he’s so cute! He has even started climbing all the way to the top of the big cat tree so he has the best view!

We think in a quiet home with a loving owner he will really blossom and enjoy all the attention.

Troy has always lived indoors in a flat with his previous owner.

We think an adult only home would be best for Troy.


Jiggy came to the shelter with a group of cats when their owner passed away.

Jiggy is an independent lady, who enjoys fusses, but would prefer to have them all to herself. At the moment she has to share the attention with 4 other roommates, so she’s not too impressed!

Jiggy has lived indoors in a flat with her previous owner and the other cats, but she may be happier with a home all to herself now.

Jiggy would like a quiet life so an adult only home would suit her best, or a home with older sensible children who will give her space when she wants it.

Jiggy will make a wonderful companion for one special family.


Amber and Guy

Amber and Guy were part of a big group of 15 cats that came to the shelter from one home.

Guy has been suffering with some cat flu, but is on the mend and looking to find his forever home with his bestie, Amber.


Guy is a confident little chap, around 9 months old, and Amber is about the same size as Guy, but is actually around 2 years old. They get on so well together that we just couldn’t split them up.

Amber is the more reserved and wary of the two, but once she gets to know you she is more inquisitive than scared.

Amber (Ginger) and Guy

These little ones have always been indoor cats, and we feel it best to keep it that way. They have come from a multicat household so are used to other cats, but would cope fine as just the two of them.

They haven’t been around kiddies before and we feel Amber will need an adult only home with experienced owners to help her build her confidence.

Parkin and Butternut

Parkin came to us after he was found thin, hungry and looking rather sorry for himself trying to eat out of a school bin.

Parkin needed some TLC, and still has some tummy trouble, but is now ready to find his forever home.

He is very people oriented, doesn’t like to be left alone for too long and is very affectionate. Parkin has lived with other cats in his foster home, and has buddy’d up with a little girly called Butternut, so these two may like to go together.

Butternut came to us in a carrier bag…..yes, a carrier bag. She was quite traumatised on the day, but has been with a fosterer for a while now and has gained in confidence and is looking for her new home too. She very much likes Parkin and we feel she could benefit from having a friend around.

They could potentially go outside when older as long as the area is a quieter area that is safe for them.

They haven’t lived with dogs and haven’t been around children, although may be ok with older sensible children.

They will need a family that are around often to give lots of cuddles!


Tony came to the shelter when his previous owners circumstances changed.

Tony is very much an outdoorsy cat, he’s a good hunter and has a lot of energy.

Tony is affectionate when he’s in the mood. He will come to you when he wants a bit of fuss and he will let you know if you’re doing too much! Tony is a very independent tiger!

Tony would prefer a home with no other cats or dogs and with no young children.

Tony isn’t very happy with shelter life, and for this reason, does “act up” a little at times, but just needs that special someone to give him a chance.

If you can give this confident, independent chappy a great home, please complete our application.

Lady Di and Nell

Lady Di and Nell came to the shelter covered in fleas and in dire need of some TLC.

Mother and Daughter are very close and enjoy each others company, so will be homed as a pair. Lady Di (mum) is quite shy at first, but when she knows you mean no harm, she enjoys fusses. She is vocal around feeding time, but doesn’t venture out of bed… have to take this to her!

Nell is a little sweetie, she too can be shy at first, but once she gets used to you she has lots of fusses. She likes her food too and can be as vocal as her mum, although she actually gets up to come greet you for the food. She loves to play and even likes to wrestle her mum for the newest catnip toy!

These girls may like to venture outside in time, once settled fully into their new home. They haven’t lived with dogs, and have only lived with each other and the other two siblings of Nell’s. They aren’t used to a busy and bustling house, so a quiet home is important, and one where someone has the time to give to them to help bring them out of their shell.

Gary and Henry

Henry and Gary – 8 and 7 months, males, tabby short and longhaired, neutered, chipped, vaccinated.

These boys, although different in size(!) love one another and need a special home together.

Gary is the smallest/youngest, and is a pretty confident chappy, he even has a swagger when he walks! We were concerned about this at first, but it looks as though Gary was just born this way! It doesn’t cause him an issue and we think it’s rather unique!


Henry, the biggest(!), is a sweetheart too. He is rather large for his age and has had a few growth spurts while waiting to find his forever home with Gary. Henry had a few issues with his teeth and gums, which have now been addressed and resolved. It means he may need dental treatment in future, that wouldn’t be covered by insurance, as the condition is pre-existing, but other than this he is in good health and a strapping young lad.


These boys will make wonderful companions for the right person/family.

Serious applications for these boys please.


Ariel is a lovely girl who needs a very loving home. She has had a tough couple of months and now needs somewhere to settle down.

Ariel is around 8 years old, but has some arthritis, likely due to an earlier RTA. On pain relief medication she is very comfortable and able to live a happy life. She will likely need to be on medication for life, so will need someone to take on this responsibility and be able to recognise if symptoms get any worse and be able to act quickly if they do.

Ariel is very affectionate and likes to get under the covers with you for a snuggle. She likes her posh food, such as Crave and Gourmet pate. She may like to go outside once settled in her new home, so will need it to be a quiet area with no main or busy roads.

We aren’t sure how she would be with children, but may be ok with older sensible children that understand her needs and consider her arthritis.

She is definitely more than happy to be with humans than other cats or dogs. She can be very clingy and is like a little shadow to her current fosterer. If you’re looking for a real snuggle bug and PIC joined at the hip, Ariel could be your girl!

Serious applications for this little lady please.

**Special Home needed for Pippin **

Pippin is a special boy.

His past was chequered and he needs a new chapter with someone who can give him all that he needs.

Pippin is extremely clever and has lots of energy. He does get nervous from time to time, so it’s important for us to manage this anxiety.

Going forward, Pippin needs a home that has adults only, who are experienced with cats that have special behavioural challenges. He needs someone who can keep his mind stimulated and help enable him to burn off his excess energy. Ideally he will be introduced to going outside so he can start to explore and enjoy himself, giving his mind and body more positive stimulation and a way to use his energy.

Pippin is food and play motivated and picks things up very quickly.

The staff members taking charge of Pippins care have fallen head over heels for him and will be sad to see him move on, but we know it’s the best for him as shelter life isn’t suitable. He’s too smart and sweet, and deserves to live a happy life.

Serious applications for Pippin only please.