Primrose is a very affectionate cat who will make a wonderful companion. She loves to be the centre of attention and have all the fusses, and will even help you “work”….

Primrose has been outside before, but will need a home in a quiet area away from main and busy roads.

She would like to be the only cat and we aren’t sure how she would be with children. Perhaps older sensible children may be suitable.

Primrose is quite playful when she’s not snoozing! She especially likes pouncing on feet in bed at night!!

Primrose would make a lovely addition to the home and deserves a great life.


Peter is a chatty fellow that enjoys a good fuss when he’s in the mood. Sometimes he will even let you give him a full body massage if he feels like a pamper session!

Peter has been suffering with urinary issues and spasms which has meant he has ended up with a blocked bladder. When his last owners could no longer provide the care he needed, he came to us.

Peter is doing well on his medication and we can see that with the right care he can feel great again. He will need an owner that is able to recognise the early signs of distress and problems urinating and be able to act quickly when this happens.

Peter has been through a lot lately, but is fairing well considering. He definitely has cattitude and if he doesn’t want to do something, or doesn’t want you to do something, he’ll let you know!

Peter will benefit from being able to venture outdoors again when settled in his new home, so it will need to be in a quiet area, well away from any main or busy roads.

Peter will also need an adult only home with no other pets. As it should be, he would like to be the centre of attention!


Carlos is a very affectionate boy who loves cuddles and fusses. He takes any chance to pop up on your knee and pad away! He normally likes to sit and face you whilst he pads!

Carlos is a young boy, but despite this he prefers cuddles to playtime at the moment. This may change once he has settled somewhere permanently. We think he will enjoy going outside when ready as he loves to watch the world go by through the window.

On first meeting Carlos, he can be a little shy, but soon comes out of his hidey bed when he knows there are fusses to be had!

Carlos has had a few “accidents” while he’s been with us, however we think this may be due to a mix of things: new unfamiliar environment where he feels insecure so is marking his beds, and the fact that he was entire when he arrived means that he has hormones galore wreaking havoc! Since being neutered we haven’t seen any more accidents, however we will keep a close eye on this. It may be a nervous reaction to change in environment so any new owner should be aware. Carlos does use his litter trays very well, hence why we feel this phase will pass once he’s totally confident in his surroundings.

Carlos is going to need a home without other pets and where someone is around a lot of the time as he really enjoys human company.

Mrs Walsh

Mrs Walsh (mother of the Goonies) has had a rough start to life. Born on the streets herself in an area where cats are often overlooked, she went on to have multiple litters of kittens, until a lovely lady called us for help.

In the lady’s garden were Mrs Walsh, a kitten from the last litter who was 3-4 months old (Bobby), and another litter who were just a couple of weeks old, living in a damp outhouse, full of junk, broken glass, rubbish and plaster dust. Mrs Walsh and Bobby were too scared of us humans to be caught by hand, so a trap was needed. After a week, we had Mrs Walsh, Bobby and the four kittens in our care! Hoorah!

Now, all of Mrs Walsh’s kittens are old enough for rehoming and she herself is in need of a home too. This home will need to be a very special one!

Mrs Walsh will need someone who has experience with ferals and very timid cats, and someone who’s expectations aren’t too high. Mrs Walsh may never be a lap cat or a big fusspot, but we do think she deserves to have a comfortable life out of the cold and where she can be independent and do as she pleases!

Mrs Walsh has been with us around 3 months now, and in that time hasn’t shown outwards signs of aggression, she would rather retreat away from us or hide. However lately, one of our members of staff has spent lots of time with her and is able to offer Mrs Walsh treats without her running away or hiding. She even got a hand sniff!!! We believe that every cat deserves a chance and Mrs Walsh very much so, she deserves a better life than she had, but will need someone with patience, perseverance and who won’t be offended if Mrs Walsh never sits on their knee!!

The home will need to be a quiet one with no children or other animals, and will need to be situated in a quiet area (ideally with lots of greenery around) so that Mrs Walsh can at some point enjoy being outdoors again.

Please only apply if you feel you can offer everything that Mrs Walsh needs.


After a change in circumstances, Ollie is once again looking for his forever home.

Ollie is a chunky, chilled and charming lad! He enjoys lots of fuss and even belly rubs! He has been very much enjoying having a brush too! He gets so excited!

Ollie is a big softy, who would love a home where he will be able to relax and soak up all of the love and affection of his new family.

Ollie has tested positive for FELV (Feline Leukaemia Virus) which means he will need to be the only cat and live indoors.

His FELV diagnosis also means that he may not have the longest time with us, but it needs to be a happy time nonetheless. He needs a loving family who can give him all of the love and care he deserves and be with him right until the end.

If you feel you can offer this, please get in touch for more details.


Winnie is yet again looking for her forever home!

This lovely lady unfortunately didn’t settle in her last home, so we believe she needs someone really special, with lots of patience, no high expectations and lots of love to give to Winnie.

It seems that Winnie gets stressed very easily in new surroundings, so she needs to have a small safe room to call her own at first until she feels confident enough to venture out. She needs someone to be with her, but not expect her to come out instantaneously. She will need a patient person, who doesn’t get annoyed if she’s too unsure to pop out of bed for a fuss.

We have seen at the shelter that she is very affectionate when she feels comfortable, and does enjoy snoozing away in her little house bed. Winnie does appreciate having places to hide and keeping to her safe space. She has a bit of a funny walk, which could be due to an injury or accident some time ago, before she came to the shelter. It seems she copes with this well, still able to jump and run.

Winnie absolutely loves catnip too!! And can be bribed with treats…..but not too many, gotta watch that waistline during lockdown!

Winnie would not do well with children and doesn’t like other animals, so will need a quiet, adult only home with experienced and patient owners.

Bobby and Eddie

Bobby is a very timid chap, who was born to a feral mum and spent the first 3-4 months of his life with minimal human contact/interaction.

Bobby is with some of our very best fosterers who have years of experience with feral kitties and he has started making progress in their home. He is particularly interested in their resident cats, so we feel he may benefit from having a furry friend (one that actually wants to be his friend!). This furry feline friend would ideally be confident and outgoing, in order to show Bobby how he should be too.

Bobby will need very experienced owners, so please do not apply if you will be a first time cat owner.

Bobby will need his new home to be well away from any main roads. It will also need to be an adult only home and a quiet home. He would benefit from another friendly cat as mentioned above.

We believe with time, patience and lots of love (and bribes) Bobby will learn to trust us humans and be comfortable living in a home, eventually to have outdoor access. He may never be a lapcat or even a fusspot……but you never know!

We ask that you only express an interest in Bobby if you are experienced with feral/very timid cats; have the time to dedicate to him and fit the other criteria above.

Eddie came into Bobby’s life recently and has been such a great influence on him. These boys sleep together and groom each other. They even explore their foster home together now. We think this has been a great addition to Bobby’s life, it’s really bringing him out of his shell and giving him the confidence he needs.

Eddie is a sweet little thing, shy at first, but becomes more confident in time. These boys will be rehomed as a pair.

For serious applications please click here

Bubbles and Blossom

Bubbles and Blossom came to us together when their owner could no longer care for them.

They are a lovely pair of cats, inseparable! They also look almost identical to one another! These girls are both very affectionate and love to be outside playing and exploring.

Bubbles is the most shy of the two, but still enjoys fuss when she gets to know you.

Blossom is very outgoing and chatty and will come over for fuss most of the time, unless she’s sleepy, in which case, she demands you go to her (hooman slave!). Blossom has early stages HCM ( and is well but will need check ups with the vets every year with the cardiologist to monitor this heart condition. At the moment she doesn’t need any other treatment or medication and is happy living life! This could be discussed further if you are interested.

Both cats enjoy going outside, so will need a home away from main/busy roads and somewhere that would be ideal for them to explore. These girls are both very good hunters, so if you’re squeamish or don’t want any “presents”, please do not apply!

The girls haven’t lived with children before, or other animals, so would probably be most happy being the only furries in the home so they can be the centre of attention.


Noel is a very shy chap, who needs an experienced owner to bring him out of his shell and help him gain some much needed confidence.

Noel had a very badly scarred eye when he arrived at the shelter, which is currently being treated, so we hope we can get somewhere with this and make him feel more comfortable.

At the moment Noel is with one of our terrific fosterers who is doing a great job treating his eye and also helping him build his confidence. He is very good with his eye drops and oral medication, but is still in need of regular checks with the vet at the moment. He will likely need vet check ups often, as treatment for his eye condition for now is ongoing.

Noel’s fosterer has done great work with Noel, but says he is still very timid and it takes a lot to coax him out of hiding, and at the earliest chance he will go back into his hidey spot. However, when he does finally come out, he will have fuss and roll over for strokies.

Noel will need a home in a safe, quiet area where he will be allowed outside when settled. The home will need to be adult only with no other pets. His new owner/s will need to be experienced cat owners, and understand that Noel may never be a lap cat and will need lots of work to make him feel at home and comfortable.


Pudding is a sweet older lady who enjoys snoozing the day away! She is very purry and enjoys a fuss, but will take herself to bed for a nap too.

If she has had enough fusses she will let you know with a tap! She is in need of a nice quiet retirement home.

She enjoys going outside when the weather is good, so will need a home away from any main/busy roads.

Pudding hasn’t lived with children before or other pets so would benefit from a quiet adult only home, where she is the only furry.