Izzy came to the shelter when her original owner sadly passed away.

She is currently with a fosterer and doing well. She has had all of her vaccines and dental treatment and so is looking for her forever home, where she will have stability and love.

Izzy is a sweet kitty, who enjoys a quiet home where she can come for fusses as she likes and snooze away the afternoon!

She isn’t used to other cats or children, so is looking for an adult only home.

Izzy will need an adult only home going forward and be the only pet in the home.

If you feel you could give Izzy a great home with lots of love, please complete our application form.


Edward came to the shelter when his previous owners were sadly evicted from their home, through no fault of their own, leaving them with no option but to rehome him.

Edward is a very affectionate cat, with lots of character and a very sweet miaow. He loves cuddles and lap time, and on his terms, he even likes a brush.

Edward has always been an indoor cat, so this will remain the same going forward. He has lived with other cats, but tends to dominate them and wants to be the centre of attention. For this reason, we believe he will be happier as an only pet. Edward has never lived with children so we aren’t sure how he would be around them.

We have recently discovered that Edward has Pancreatitis and IBD. This means he will need a sensitive diet and possibly medication if he’s feeling under the weather.

If you feel you have the perfect home, with lots of affection and attention to give to Edward, please complete our application form.

Rowena RavenPaw

Rowena RavenPaw came to the shelter because her previous owners up and left her when they did a moonlight flit. Thankfully, the new tenants fed her until the council could arrange something for her, and we were that something.

Rowena is the sweetest cat……the sweetest!!!! She loves fusses and is so happy to see you. She is quite chilled, but may take a while at first to settle in. She likes the comfort of her cosy bed, and dribbles whenever she gets excited!

We have yet to mix her with other cats at the shelter, but she can see, smell and hear cats from where she is and doesn’t seem to mind them. This may suggest that she MIGHT be ok to live with another cat, with very steady introductions.

We aren’t sure how Rowena would be with very young children, but she may be ok with sensible older children and teens. Rowena had to live outside for some time, so may still want to venture out from time to time, but we think she will also appreciate the comfort and safety of a home again. She will need a home that s away from any main or busy roads.

If you could give Rowena her forever home filled with love, please complete our application form.


Storm is a lovely lady who is looking for a peaceful retirement home. She is a lovely kitty, very vocal when she wants something – food, outside, cuddle!

Storm does still very much enjoying popping outside, but enjoys cuddle time too. We think she will be a lap cat once settled in her new home, but she is very chatty so will need someone who doesn’t mind this! We believe she may have some oriental breed in her (possibly a little siamese), so she is a beautiful cat, but also very clever, with a lovely coat and as stated…..very vocal!

Storm will need a home with adults only who have time to spend with her so she isn’t on her own for too long. She will need access to the great outdoors so will need a home far away from any main or busy roads. Storm does not like other furries (at all) so will need a home to herself!

If you feel you could give Storm a wonderful retirement home, with the love and care she deserves, please complete our application form.


Colin is a complex soul, after years of fending for himself, getting into numerous fights with the other local toms, he’s had his fair share of battles. Now though, Colin needs stability and a home where he can be shown that some humans are kind and offer nice things.

At the moment Colin is still very unsure of his surroundings. He does like to have a fuss and will purr, but can be spooked and overwhelmed easily and will nip or give you a whack when he feels scared. We think he is also a little bored at the shelter, and have found that he enjoys playing with his snakey feather fishing rod toy more than his other toys!

He also enjoys the simple comforts of a cosy bed and radiator after a long while on the streets.

Colin was diagnosed with FIV upon his health check. This means Colin will need to live indoors from now on and be the only cat in the home. We feel Colin would be happier in a roomy house rather than a flat or smaller abode. If there was a very secure garden (as in, no cats in or out!) then this would be ideal so that he could still have some outside time now and again.

Colin will need an adult only home with experienced owners whose expectations are not too high.

If you feel you have the experience to give Colin a great life and happy home, please complete our application form.

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang came to the shelter when their owner sadly passed away.

This pair are sisters, and like sisters, they typically have their arguments now and again, but they soon make up with kisses and grooming each other. They are often found sleeping together, but do like time separately.

These girls were very shy at first and didn’t take to shelter life at all, so they were transferred to a fosterer where they could be in a home environment that they’re used to. They have since had all of their vaccines and some much needed dental treatment, so are now ready to find their forever home.

They will need a quiet home with adults only and no other pets. These two have only ever lived indoors so this will be the same going forward. They will take a little time to come out of their shells when in a new environment, but with patience, perseverance and time they will make wonderful companions.

At present, they enjoy their food (a lot!), enjoy the company of their fosterer and often sleep at the end of the bed with her.

If you feel you could give the cats a wonderful home that they deserve, please complete our application form.


Ingrid came to us when her home became no longer suitable for her.

Ingrid is quite a character and will need a special home.

At the shelter, Ingrid has shown a lot of personality, but we can tell she is very unsure of her environment so would be happier in a home. She can certainly be “temperamental” at times, but there is normally a reason for this – maybe you stroked her with the wrong hand……maybe you gave her the wrong treat……..basically she demands to be treat like royalty!! Everything should be to her standard, and nothing less!

In her previous home, Ingrid had to share the spotlight with another kitty and a new baby, she wasn’t keen on this scenario! The spotlight should only be on her! Quite rightly! Now separated from the other kitty and baby, Ingrid is getting used to having the attention for herself, except now she’s not sure how much she wants!

She is very vocal (VERY vocal!) and likes someone to be around a lot of the time. She doesn’t particularly want you to fuss her and be in her face, she just likes to know someone is on hand should she need anything (a little like the Queen’s staff!).

She really enjoys catnip, and treats, and sleeps in a different bed for each nap.

Ingrid will need an experienced owner in an adult only home, where she will also be the only pet.

If you feel you have a castle that will live up to Queen Ingrid’s standards, please get in touch.


Sam came to the shelter after having a horrendous past. He had been mistreated and neglected since 6 weeks of age.

Sam was very unsure and untrusting when he first came to the shelter. However with patience and a wonderful foster home, he is beginning to trust more.

Same is only a youngster and should never have had the start to life that he had, but we are hoping we can make up for this for the rest of his life.

His fosterer gave us this insight into his behaviour in their quiet, experienced home:

“Where do I start with this cat?! He is a really gorgeous and loving little man, so long as you allow him to do whatever he wants, when he wants!!  

Firstly…..  I have never known a cat as funny with food……  one day he will eat a certain flavour / make, and gobble it down, then the next day he won’t touch it & pesters/cries until you feed him another flavour (he has us wrapped around his paw already!) 

I have tried not changing it and leaving it down, but it doesn’t work, he just wont eat it, he isn’t easily fooled! So I cling film it and then put it down again for a later meal, 90% of the time this works & he will eat it. 

I have tried everything to get him to try biscuits to no avail.  Even mixing with fresh chicken &  tuna…..no way.

He is not as bad for attacking at random now, he still does on occasions, but here are a few trigger points I have noticed …. 

Never pick him up to hold / cuddle. It’s ok to move him out of a cupboard or off the window sill, but not to cuddle.

Always wear socks! Typical kitten, he loves biting ankles & toes however he has no restraint & really goes for the kill after a couple of bites.

We have to  let him have the run of the home and not in the bedroom at night. He would start leaping after feet moving under the covers, great fun, but then he gets over-excited and doesn’t understand when to stop. It got to the stage as soon as he came on the bed, he went crackers. He loves it on his own bed & laid on ours during the day. We think this may be due to various things, 1. He didn’t have the socialisation and teachings with his siblings when he was young as he was homed at only 6 weeks old, so didn’t learn any manners or how hard to bite when playing; 2. He was abused physically in his last home and was most likely scared, frustrated and unsure of how to understand and handle those experiences. 

Sam is a cat with issues, but we believe they can be managed and he could live a happy life with the right people.

You can’t leave anything food wise on the kitchen sides, he will eat it!

So, that’s the less favourable stuff out of the way… Now the good, which far outweighs that lot.   

He is so loving, he follows you all over. He has the most pathetic meow I ever heard & you just have to give in to him!!!!     He likes playing with his laser light but his fave toys are balls, either loose or in the towers.  Sometimes he even fetches it back for you to throw again.  He has 3 beds of his own & 2 climbing towers & floor space / settees etc etc .  . and he uses them all .  

He will come & sit with you & loves his chin & back scratching. He also likes to be brushed BUT he lets you know when he’s had enough, he won’t get the claws out, just a tap to say “oy, enough now thanks”. 

Sam needs a forever home where there are no kids & no other pets.  He won’t be a lap cat but he is loving. It just has to be on his terms.  He loves window gazing and watching cat tv (birds!).  

Basically he wants to be loved & he wants to be close to you when HE wants.   

Since he was neutered, he has calmed down a lot, maybe he will continue to do so , but even if he doesn’t change any more, he is a truly lovely cat. “

We think he would definitely like to start going outside at some point so will need a home away from main and busy roads, preferable in a quiet, green area! 

Please only apply for Sam if you have the experience, patience and suitable home that he needs. Serious applications only please. 

Mrs Walsh

Mrs Walsh (mother of the Goonies) has had a rough start to life. Born on the streets herself in an area where cats are often overlooked, she went on to have multiple litters of kittens, until a lovely lady called us for help.

In the lady’s garden where Mrs Walsh, a kitten from the last litter who was 3-4 months old (Bobby), and another litter who were just a couple of weeks old, living in a damp outhouse, full of junk, broken glass, rubbish and plaster dust. Mrs Walsh and Bobby were too scared of us humans to be caught by hand, so a trap was needed. After a week, we had Mrs Walsh, Bobby and the four kittens in our care! Hoorah!

Now that all of Mrs Walsh’s kittens have found their forever homes, she herself is in need of a home too. This home will need to be a very special one!

Mrs Walsh will need someone who has experience with ferals and very timid cats, and someone who’s expectations aren’t too high. Mrs Walsh may never be a lap cat or a big fusspot, but we do think she deserves to have a comfortable life out of the cold and where she can be independent and do as she pleases!

Mrs Walsh has been with us around 6 months now, and in that time hasn’t shown outwards signs of aggression, she would rather retreat away from us or hide. However lately, one of our members of staff has spent lots of time with her and is able to offer Mrs Walsh treats without her running away or hiding. She even got a hand sniff!!! We believe that every cat deserves a chance and Mrs Walsh very much so, she deserves a better life than she had, but will need someone with patience, perseverance and who won’t be offended if Mrs Walsh never sits on their knee!!

The home will need to be a quiet one with no children or other animals, and will need to be situated in a quiet area (ideally with lots of greenery around) so that Mrs Walsh can at some point enjoy being outdoors again.

Please only apply if you feel you can offer everything that Mrs Walsh needs.