• Gender:Male
  • Age:18 months
  • Living with children:I can not live with children
  • Breeds:Short-Hair
  • Indoor/Outdoor:Outdoor
  • Living with dogs:No, I cannot live with dogs
  • Living with cats:I might be able to live with other cats
  • Cannot be rehomed to:S64

Barnaby is a beautifully big chap, who is looking for a new home.

He couldn’t stay with his last owner due to the cost of living and having to move in with family.

Barnaby is a big softie, and has a tiny miaow for such a big lad!

Barnaby has just lived with his one man owner since being a kitten, and has lived with another cat (Bill) for about a year too. He doesn’t like lots of noise, so we think a single owner or a quiet couple would be nice for him. He could do with losing a bit of timber (we’ll call it winter weight for now!), so should have a new family that will be keen to have lots of playtime with him.

Barnaby hasn’t been outside before, but we feel it would be nice for him to have the option as he is still young and might enjoy it.

Barnaby hasn’t lived with/been around children before, so an adult only home would likely be best. He also hasn’t come across dogs before.

If you have room for a strapping young furry fellow in your home and your heart, please get in touch.