Dale was found fending for himself as a stray by a fellow charity. He’s a lovely chap, who was very shy at first and it was obvious he hadn’t been around too many nice humans. However, after a week with us, he was soon coming around!

Dale has been through the mill while with us bless him. He of course had to be neutered, chipped and vacc’d as always, but we also had to test for FIV/FELV which thankfully came back clear! However on assessment, we found a few extra lumps on him that shouldn’t have been there and a poorly toe that was causing him some pain. With cage rest and anti-inflammatory/pain relief medication, he was on the mend. Then it was on to the lumps! One on his neck which turned out to be a cyst, this was consequently removed. And another on his tummy that was a hernia, most likely caused by trauma in the past. This has now been repaired and he has recovered well in the care of one of our amazing fosterers (who is also a vet nurse at Highfields!). Despite going through all of this, this little guy has remained a sweet gentleman and has taken it all in his stride.

Dale really enjoys fusses and even sleeps on the sofa with his fosterer. He is currently cohabiting with another female cat and they seem to be getting on and tolerating each other at the moment, so there is a possibility Dale could be homed with another friendly female cat, however this being said, I don’t think he will mind being homed on his own and having all the fusses and bed space to himself!


  • Gender:Male
  • Age:0 - 4
  • Living with children:I can live with older children and teenagers
  • Breeds:Short-Hair
  • Living with dogs:No cannot live with dogs
  • Living with cats:Yes I can live with other cats