• Gender:Female
  • Age:12 years
  • Living with children:I can not live with children
  • Breeds:Short-Hair
  • Indoor/Outdoor:Indoor
  • Living with dogs:No, I cannot live with dogs
  • Living with cats:No I cannot live with other cats
  • Cannot be rehomed to:S12

Glow came to us when her living environment was no longer suitable for her.

After 12 years with her loving owners, along came twin babies that changed the dynamic of the home.

Glow wasn’t too impressed at life with newborns going on toddlers and wasn’t happy.

The best option was to rehome her as difficult as she found the move.

Glow is with one of our short term fosterers in a home environment, but it has still taken some time for her to settle in.

Having always been an indoor cat, only used to life with her lady owner and subsequent husband, Glow hasn’t really experienced much that could prepare her for this change. so understandably she is finding it a little difficult.

However, after being left to her own devices for the first couple of weeks, allowing her her own space, and giving her the option to come out when she likes into the home, she has started to make that next step. She now wanders around looking for a sunny spot to nap in, and is enjoying her food more now.

Glow’s ideal home will be somewhere nice and quiet, with quiet and gentle people (max 2 we think) who don’t have very high expectations of Glow when it comes to affection and attention in the first few weeks. Glow would be safer remaining as an indoor cat now having spent all her life as such. She would not enjoy a home with children, dogs or other cats and we don’t feel she would do well with visiting children.

Glow will become a happy lady again with time and the right home to settle in to for her senior years, could this be yours?