• Gender:Female
  • Age:7 years approx
  • Living with children:I might be able to live with children and/or teenagers
  • Breeds:Short-Hair
  • Indoor/Outdoor:Outdoor
  • Living with dogs:No, I cannot live with dogs
  • Living with cats:No I cannot live with other cats
  • Cannot be rehomed to:S2

Joy really does live up to her name! She is an absolute joy and delight to be around. She really enjoys having company and has turned into a real lap cat.

Joy was sadly locked in a wicker basket and left on the street. Despite this, she still loves us humans!

We know nothing of Joy’s past, but she has shown her lovely personality while being at the shelter with us.

Joy is friendly and pretty confident too. She enjoys fuss and will give you plenty of gentle warning if she’s had enough or you’ve gone on too long!

We aren’t sure if Joy has been allowed outside before, but she enjoys looking out of the window so she may like to.

We aren’t sure how she would be around young children, but she may be ok around older children who have had cats before and know not to be too noisy and leave her be when she wants her down time. She doesn’t like other cats and we aren’t sure she would be keen on dogs either, she does like to be the centre of attention.

Joy certainly likes her food and is very clever! Having bossed all of her cat puzzle feeder challenges, she holds the crown for fasted problem solver! (You can view her smarts in action here!)