• Gender:Male and Female
  • Age:1.5y and 2y
  • Living with children:I can live with older children and teenagers
  • Breeds:Short-Hair
  • Indoor/Outdoor:Outdoor
  • Living with dogs:No, I cannot live with dogs
  • Living with cats:No I cannot live with other cats
  • Cannot be rehomed to:S70

Lizzy and Darcy are a lovely pair of cats.

They can be adopted together or seperately, though they get on well and like to play with each other sometimes, so a home together is prefered.


Darcy is a huge cat, he is very cuddly and loves being around people, and loves his food. He is getting quite bored in the shelter and would love to find a new home soon.

Lizzy is a little more independent, though she does come over for fusses when she is in the mood. Lizzy has a lot of character and is always doing things that make us laugh, especially when there is catnip in the room.