• Gender:Male
  • Age:4 years
  • Living with children:I can not live with children
  • Breeds:Short-Hair
  • Indoor/Outdoor:Outdoor
  • Living with dogs:No, I cannot live with dogs
  • Living with cats:No I cannot live with other cats

Pippin is a special boy.

His past was chequered and he needs a new chapter with someone who can give him all that he needs.

Pippin is extremely clever and has lots of energy. He does get nervous from time to time, so it’s important for us to manage this anxiety.

Going forward, Pippin needs a home that has adults only, who are experienced with cats that have special behavioural challenges. He needs someone who can keep his mind stimulated and help enable him to burn off his excess energy. Ideally he will be introduced to going outside so he can start to explore and enjoy himself, giving his mind and body more positive stimulation and a way to use his energy.

Pippin is food and play motivated and picks things up very quickly.

The staff members taking charge of Pippins care have fallen head over heels for him and will be sad to see him move on, but we know it’s the best for him as shelter life isn’t suitable. He’s too smart and sweet, and deserves to live a happy life.

Serious applications for Pippin only please.