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With an average of 300 cats a year passing through our shelter, our cat rooms are always busy.

Each room requires the daily attention of our dedicated cat team: cleaning the rooms, emptying litter trays, feeding our cats twice a day, regularly checking up on the health of cats with medical conditions, spending time with shy cats that are still wary of strangers or humans. All of this takes time, dedication, and money, and we simply couldn’t do it without our wonderful supporters and sponsors.

By sponsoring one of our cat rooms you’ll make sure that every cat that passes through gets all the litter, food, toys, treats, and care that they need whilst they stay with us, giving them the best chance of recovering from sometimes difficult histories and learning how to be the happy and confident cats we know they have inside them.

Your Sponsorship Helps Provide Our Cats With:


  • The neutering, vaccinating and microchipping of every cat that comes through our door
  • Specialist food and medication for all our cats, no matter their needs.
  • The cost of food and litter for our cats, which together cost hundreds each month
  • Emergency surgeries and treatments for cats who come to us in serious need of help

Sponsor Today and You Can Receive:


  • Monthly updates from your cat room so you can follow the journey of the cats your support keeps safe and happy
  • Photos of the cats who have stayed in your sponsor room
  • Welcome pack, including a handy bag and a book covering our 120+ year history
  • Behind the scenes info about the Shelter with our monthly newsletter


Sponsor a Cat Room Today: £5 Monthly or £50 Annually

Gift A Sponsorship: £5 Monthly or £50 Annually

To gift a sponsorship to a friend or loved one, simply click the button below.


Can I Sponsor More Than One Cat?

Absolutely! You are welcome to sponsor more than one of our sponsor cats, or you can sponsor a cat room to provide care for every cat that stays there throughout the year. Alternatively, you can provide a sponsorship directly to the general care of our cats with a Memorial Sponsorship.

How Does My Sponsorship Help?

Your sponsorship will go towards the care of your chosen cat or room.

For sponsor cats this means contributing to their vet bills including medicine, specialist food, surgeries, and any other treatments they might need.

For cat rooms, this means contributing towards their food, treats, cat beds and other amenities (scratching posts, litter trays and litter, etc.), as well as the upkeep of their room.

If you would like to make a general contribution to the care of our cats you can do this via our Memorial Sponsorship, which will help towards the overall care of our cats as it is needed most. This can go to food, litter, vet bills, or any other aspect of essential cat care.

Any money leftover from your sponsorship will be put towards the care of other cats who might need more immediate or emergency care.

What Do I Get With My Sponsorship

When you sponsor one of our cats you will receive quarterly updates allowing you to follow the story of the cat you are supporting, with photos and quotes from their owner. Not only that, but you will also receive a welcome pack, a sponsorship certificate, and you will be signed up to our monthly newsletter to get the latest behind-the-scenes news about the Shelter.

If you sponsor one of our cat rooms you will get monthly updates about the cats that have been in that room, how they came to us, how we have helped them settle, and how they have recovered if they came to us with any health concerns.

By contributing to our Memorial Sponsorship, you will have receive updates for up to three sponsor cats of your choice, so that you can get a broader view of how your general contribution is supporting all of our cats.

Can I Gift A Sponsorship To A Friend Or Loved One?

Absolutely! Just select the sponsorship option you would like to gift and select “This is a gift sponsorship” on the page that follows. When you have done this and selected your payment method your friend or loved one will receive a message telling them about their new gift (with a customised message of your choice) followed by everything our sponsorships normally provide (see above).

Do I Have To Pay Monthly?

You can make a single annual payment for a small discount compared to monthly payments if you wish. These are ideal for people looking to buy sponsorships as gifts for their friends or who want to make an immediate difference to the care of our cats.

How Do I Get In Touch With You Regarding Sponsorships?

You can get in touch via our dedicated sponsorships mailbox at sponsorship@thesheffieldcatsshelter.org.uk

Our Cat Rooms Are Not Only Ones In Need Of Sponsors