Keep Your Cats Cool This Summer!

We’ve definitely got some cool cats here at The Shelter! But as temperatures rise during the summer, it’s vitally important to keep your cat cool during hot weather.
We have some handy tips to help keep your cat cool (and we don’t mean handing them a pair of sunglasses!):
😺 Keep your Cat Hydrated – probably the most important tip! Make sure your cat has access to constant water throughout the day and evening, refilling often (this will keep the water fresh and cool for your cat)
😺 Provide Plenty of Shade – try to make sure there are plenty of shaded areas in your garden so your cat has options of shelter whilst still having the freedom of roaming outside.
😺 Keep Inside Cool Too – this is especially important for indoor cats. Investing in fans will do wonders not only for your cat but you’ll feel the benefit too! Netted frames over windows and doors are also a good way to keep the house ventilated and cool without the worry of your cat escaping.
😺 Don’t Over Excite Your Cat – an active cat on really hot days will soon become exhausted and dehydrated – we’d recommend a more relaxed approach to the day, who doesn’t love a good nap?!
😺 Signs of Heatstroke in Cats – like humans, cats can also be affected by the negative aspects of the sun and can get heat stroke and develop skin cancer from sun burns (even on cloudy days) just like humans. It’s important to keep an eye on your cats behaviour during the summer and look out for these signs of heat stroke:
– Agitation
– Stretching out and breathing rapidly
– Extreme distress
– Skin hot to touch
– Glazed eyes
– Vomiting and Drooling
Contact your vet immediately if your cat displays any of these behavioural symptoms or you notice any skin changes during hot days!