About The Sheffield Cats Shelter

Our charity has an interesting history that reflects social changes and our attitudes towards animals. We have been taking care of the cats and kittens of Sheffield for 123 years.

Our Mission

With an estimated nine million stray cats in the UK, the number of strays roaming the UK has reached a critical level.

Because of this it’s our mission to make sure that every cat that needs a home, finds a home.

We shelter our rescues in rooms, not cages, to let them adjust to living in a home-like environment where they are not only safe, but free to roam and play with other cats.

We neuter, vaccinate, and microchip every cat that comes to us. This means that our cats are safe from unwanted pregnancies, and cat-lovers can adopt from us in confidence.

With your help we can make sure that cats throughout Sheffield are cared for and protected, and never have to be scared or hungry ever again.