The Sheffield Cats Shelter believes in building lasting relationships with our corporate partners, ensuring they are involved, informed, updated and supported.

We’ve been helping cats in need, and their owners, since 1897, making us one of the UK’s oldest surviving animal charities. We couldn’t have achieved that without the help of individuals and businesses across South Yorkshire and beyond.

Supporting The Sheffield Cats Shelter is a great way to project a positive company image, enabling you to better connect with others working within the sector, and ultimately demonstrates your passion, commitment and dedication to animal welfare – which is something the public love to see.

How Your Organisation Can Support Us

There are many ways you can support us, we have provided a few examples below but we would love to hear any other ideas you might have: –

  • Sponsor an event, product or project
  • Make a donation
  • Name us as your ‘charity of the year’
  • Donate gifts in kind (e.g. pet food, pet products)
  • Special offers for ourselves and our volunteers (reduced training, reduced prices on your products)
  • Donate use of facilities (e.g. meeting room)
  • Offer use of company resources (e.g. use of facilities for events)
  • Match-fund an event or purchase
  • Host an event (e.g. training event, workshop, or supporter event)

How We Can Help Your Organisation

By providing corporate support to The Sheffield Cats Shelter you demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility and to animal welfare, which will generate good news stories for your business.

We will publicise our corporate partners on our website and social media channels, and we often gain coverage in local print media, on radio and on television.

We can also talk to you about offering shelter volunteer days to your staff, and can work with you on social media and marketing campaigns.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss how your organisation can support The Sheffield Cats Shelter please email us and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible – we’d love to chat to you.