Ronald and Ronda

Ronald and Ronda are a pair of beautiful kitties that are in need of a loving home. They are 7 months old and very playful and loving.

They are described by their short term fosterer as a cuddly, playful pair of oddballs!

They would likely benefit from having access to outside when they are a little older, and would be young enough to introduce to a cat friendly dog.

They haven’t been around children, but may be ok with sensible children.

If your home is missing a couple of oddballs, or you just want to add a couple more, then get in touch!



Jeebs is a lovely boy, in need of a new home that has everything he would like.

Jeebs is very active and would benefit from being able to go outside, which he didn’t have the opportunity for in his last home.

Jeebs is affectionate and playful, and at only a year old, will provide many more years of fun and love.

Jeebs hasn’t been around children, but he may be ok with sensible children (we would assess this at a visit). He hasn’t been around dogs.

Jeebs doesn’t get along with other cats, he certainly prefers all of the human attention to himself.

This gorgeous chap will make a wonderful addition to a loving, quiet family and can’t wait to get settled in.


Sasha came to us when she become overwhelmed and stressed by a new human addition to the family.

Sasha is a real character, full of affection and sass! And she has the best tash we have seen in a while!

Sasha has had a tough couple of years and will need an understanding owner who will show her the love she deserves and give her the time she needs to settle. Sasha seems a pretty confident lady, she doesn’t like to be over-fussed or over-handled (like most cats really!), and we aren’t sure if she will be a lapcat yet, but she has a lot to offer.

Sasha enjoys going outside when she feels like it, and watches a lot of cat TV (the window) here at the shelter.

Sasha gets very anxious and stressed in noisy or busy environments, so needs a quiet adult only home, where she is the only pet.

If you have the perfect home for Sasha with a tash, please get in touch.


Raisin came to the shelter when his owner could no longer keep him. Raisin took umbrage when a new arrival came to live with them and decided he was to move out!

Raisin did briefly live with someone else, but they moved away and left him all alone.

Thankfully, Raisin was brought to the shelter by a nice lady and thanks to his microchip, we were able to locate his owner to get the full story.

Since being with us, Raisin has shown us his confident side, his affectionate side and his “don’t pick me up, but do give me lots of fuss!” side.

Raisin is so happy to see us, anytime we go into his room. He will come straight up to greet us, sometimes getting on his back legs so that he can get closer to us for fusses and kisses.

Raisin does enjoy going outside and doing his own thing during the day, but would like a nice quiet, pet free home to come back to in the evening. We aren’t sure if Raisin is a lapcat, but he is certainly a fusspot!

Raisin doesn’t really like children, dogs or other cats, so a nice adult human only home would suit best.

Raisin is ready and waiting for his new family to come and whisk him away to his new home, if this could be yours, please get in touch.

Lu + Maggie

Lu and Maggie are a mother and daughter pair, who would love to find a home together. They came to the shelter when their owner sadly passed away and had been living with a relative, in their porch.

They are both affectionate and like their food. They have been used to going outdoors, and have lived with sensible children before, but don’t like dogs.

Maggie is a little more forthcoming than her mum, Lu. Maggie will often come straight over for a fuss, or roll over on the floor!

Lu enjoys a fuss, but will let you do the hard work and come to her. Lu also has some awesomely full lips! No fillers needed!

They have had their vet checks and are in perfect health, they just need to find a new home where they can put their paws up and be loved.

If you feel you have the perfect retirement home for these beautiful, mature ladies, please get in touch.



Chilli and Salsa

Chilli and Salsa came to the shelter as part of a feral colony. They were a little under 3 months old when they arrived and were shy, but we could see potential.

Since coming into the shelter, they have been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and flea/worm treated. They have spent time with our staff and volunteers, gently being socialised with play and non-intrusive company.

One of our volunteers in particular could see their potential and asked to take the girls on foster. Since being on foster, they have really gained in confidence. They are far from being lap cats, but will happily play and eat around their fosterers, and even walk across them to get to where they want to be.

Their fosterer describes them as “Sweet natured tree dwelling sisters, who love nothing more than playing together. They are still a little shy, but getting braver by the day. There isn’t a mean bone in their body, and they are showing great interest in our adult cat (who used to be ‘feral’ when he was their age). The girls have spent some time with older children, playing for ages with my 13 year old nephew. They are two beautiful, fun little girls. Play, eat, sleep, repeat!”

We are confident that with a similar set up and a family who are appreciative of their needs, they will flourish in time.

They may like to have access outdoors when they are older and much more confident, and depending on the children, they may benefit from having a youngster around who has as much energy as they do!

They haven’t lived with dogs before, but with gentle introductions to a cat-friendly dog, they may be ok.

If you feel you have just the right home, and the time needed to spend with these lovely girls, please get in touch.

Chilli (black) and Salsa (Tabby)


Milo came to us when her family could no longer keep her due to allergies.

Milo is a female, despite her name! She is a little shy, but when things are nice and quiet, she will come and say Hi.

We are hoping that when back in a normal home environment that Milo will flourish and become more comfortable and confident. We feel that a quiet home with no young children would suit her best. She has lived with dogs before, so a calm, cat-friendly dog might be ok.

Milo enjoys going outside as and when she feels like it, and enjoys napping in quiet little hidey spots.

If you feel you have the ideal, quiet and calm home for Milo, please get in touch.


Poppy came to us when her owner could no longer care for her due to family allergies.

Poppy is a sweetie once she has gotten to know you. She enjoys going outside when she feels like it and has lived with dogs before too. She even enjoys a brush every now and again.

She has lived with teenagers, but no young children. Poppy has also shared a home with her sibling on and off for a few years, but they aren’t close, so we don’t feel they need each other as companions.

Poppy would make a lovely cat once settled in, and we hope she isn’t waiting too long!

If you feel Poppy would be a good match, please get in touch.


Daisy came to us when her owner couldn’t keep her.

Daisy is a lovely girl, always happy to see you, but equally enjoys time to relax on her own. Daisy can be shy at first when meeting new people, or when in a new environment, but once she trusts you (by way of a Dreamie bribe or two!) she comes out to show her sweet side.

She enjoys going outside and will have a lot of fun in and out of the garden!

Daisy isn’t keen on other cats, so a densely populated area with lots of other cats around might not suit her.

We don’t know how Daisy is with dogs, and she hasn’t been around children, but due to her friendly nature, she might be ok around teenage and older children.

Daisy is a pretty independent and confident lady when settled in her environment, so would make a great cat for someone who works most of the day, but would like a fluff to come home to in the evening.

If Daisy sounds like the ideal cat for you, please get in touch.


Tallulah came to us as she was unhappy in her home. With another cat, dog and a baby, Tallulah just wasn’t happy.

Surprisingly, Tallulah seems to be settling in at the shelter nicely. We think this may be because she has a space to herself and can enjoy as many fusses as she likes. Tallulah is 9 (nearly 10), but you wouldn’t know it to look at her! She’s beautiful, has clearly been well loved and cared for, she just needs a more suitable environment.

We feel that Tallulah would be a lovely cat for a retired family, or an adult only family without any other pets.

Tallulah is used to being able to go outside, but enjoys being with her humans when she’s in.

If you could give this beautiful little lady a home, please get in touch.


Ted came to us with his sister Rosie when their owner sadly passed away.

Ted is a sweetheart. He is a gentle giant and loves the company of his current short term fosterers. He also has a pretty great purr and likes to show it off as often as possible. Ted hasn’t been a lapcat at yet, but he likes to be near and pads to you when he wants more fuss (sweeeet!). Ted would enjoy going outside maybe more in the summer months so he would like a home where there is quiet and safe outdoor space for him to potter around.

We aren’t sure how Ted would be with children, but older/teenage children may be ok, just as long as the house isn’t too bustling and busy. He needs a nice retirement home!

At 16, Ted is doing well, but his kidneys have started to tire somewhat. He is currently on a special diet and some medicine that he has in his food, which the shelter pays for. If you would like to consider adopting Ted, but are concerned about the vet costs, we can discuss the shelter helping with this. Our priority is that Ted finds his new home as soon as possible, where he will be loved and have the best care as long as he needs it, so don’t let it put you off adopting this wonderful kitty!

If you have room in your home and your heart for this pleasant gentleman to spend his remaining time with you, please apply now adoption form here.


Minnie is a very sweet, but slightly nervous girl. She came to us as she had difficulty dealing with her owner’s absence when they started going to work, after 3 years of being at home. Minnie is one of the kitties that has been used to having someone around throughout lockdown and a little after, and then struggled when her owner started leaving the house for work for 8 hours a day.

Minnie is also very smart, meaning that she didn’t have enough stimulation being cooped up in the home all day.

Minnie has shown herself to be very affectionate when she is in that frame of mind, and very playful and energetic too.

We believe she would benefit from having the choice to go outside in her new home. And feel she will also get a lot from play and other mental stimulation inside the home too, in the forms of routine interactive playtime, feeding times and puzzle games that she can enjoy on her own.

This may all sound like a bit of work, but the truth is, most cats would benefit from this kind of routine, so we feel it’s important that the right person comes along for Minnie, who will dedicate enough time to her mental as well as physical wellbeing.

She likes gentle strokes, and will normally let you know where she wants a fuss. She will nibble a little if becoming overstimulated or feeling a little insecure. However we feel this behaviour would subside when feeling safe and secure in her new home, as long as she is living with someone who will take things at her pace, provide her with all she needs and read her body language and behaviour to identify those needs.

She likes treats and playing with toys, and tapping her ping pong balls around. She enjoys moving toys, especially her springy whizzer!

Minnie likes having people around, not necessarily because she wants your attention all the time, but because she likes the security of knowing someone is there. Ideally she would go to a home where her new owners are around a lot of the time, but that can work with her to make her feel happier to be left alone for short periods.

Minnie needs to be the only animal in the house (no other cats or dogs please, and she’s a good hunter so keep any small furries secure!).

Minnie is a lovely cat who will be a great companion when she has settled in to her new home.


George came to the shelter with a group of cats who had been left to fend for themselves after their feeder passed away. They have had little socialisation or proper human contact. Ideally he would have free roam of his next environment, but will need shelter, food and warmth.

George is a young boy, around 2 years Old. He is wary of us humans, but gets on well with the other cats from the colony.

An ideal situation for these kitties would be to live in a shelter in someone’s garden, with that someone feeding them twice per day and ensuring they always have that shelter and warmth, but so that they can free roam.

If you can offer something like this for these beautiful cats, please get in touch. (please note, we may be able to help with providing food for these cats if needed)


Agatha came to the shelter with a group of cats who had been left to fend for themselves after their feeder passed away. They have had little socialisation or proper human contact. Ideally she would have free roam of her next environment, but will need shelter, food and warmth

Agatha is a young lady, around 8months Old. She is very wary of us humans, but gets on well with the other cats from her colony. Christie being one of them, so we feel it would helo with the transition if both of them were to go to the same location.

An ideal situation for these kitties would be to live in a shelter in someone’s garden, with that someone feeding them twice per day and ensuring they always have that shelter and warmth, but so that they can free roam.

If you can offer something like this for these beautiful cats, please get in touch.