Fletcher came to the shelter with a group of cats (his offspring!). They have all now been adopted and there’s just Fletcher remaioning to find his forever home.

Fletcher is a very sweet young boy and really came out of his shell once all of his kids had flown the nest! Now he is always demanding fusses and loves to roll around and pad the air while wanting you to stroke his tummy!

Fletcher may be ok to live with one oher calm and friendly cat, but wouldn’t do well in a busy household with many pets. We feel he may be ok with older sensible children, as he can sometimes be a little shy if nervous.

Fletcher has been outside before so will need a home with a safe outdoor space. He hasn’t lived with dogs before, and again, due to his shyer demeanor, we feel he may prefer a dog free home.

Fletcher will make a wonderful little companion for the right family. Please get in touch if interested.


Sprout came to the shelter with his mum, when their owner could no longer cope.

Sprout is a lovely and quirky little boy. He always has a very comical expression on his face and is so friendly. He’s sometimes a bit daft, but we love him for it!

Sprout is ok to live with other cats and is fine with gentle children from the age of 4. He hasn’t lived with dogs before, but is only young, so could be gently introduced.

Sprout hasn’t been outside before, but could be introduced when he is older. Similarly, he may be ok as an indoor cat as long as there is enough space and stimulation for him.

Sprout would make a wonderful addition to a family home, so if your home has a Sprout shaped hole in it, please get in touch.


Parsnip came to the shelter when her owner could no longer cope.

Parsnip is a friendly and affectionate lady. She is very playful! Her favourite toy is a yellow pompom ball.

Parsnip has lived with other cats before, but it seems she prefers to be a lone ranger and have all of the attention for herself! She really does enjoy human company though and doesn’t like to be on her own for long periods, so she would suit someone who is home fairly often.

Parsnip would like to have the option to go outside, so a home in a quiet area is a must.

Parsnip hasn’t lived with children before, but is pretty confident and enjoys fuss and play, so she may quite enjoy a pleasant child to share her home with.

If you feel your home has a Parsnip shaped hole, please get in touch.


Simba came to the shelter as his previous owners had a cat allergy.

Simba is a lovely boy, affectionate and sociable. He likes to follow you around and make sure he knows what you’re doing so he can be involved. And he enjoys laying beside someone when he’s sleeping.

Simba hasn’t lived with other cats before or dogs, but has lived with older/teen children before and got on well with them.

Simba is used to going outside so will need a home in an area with safe outdoor space.

We feel Simba would make a lovely family cat for a home missing the perfect floof!


Digger came to our shelter after his owner sadly passed away.

Digger is a lovely older gent, who doesn’t look his age at all! He is affectionate and likes human company. Currently Digger is staying with a fosterer, as he had spent the past 6 months in a boarding kennels waiting for his owner to come out of hospital, which sadly she never did.

Digger is looking for a quiet retirement home, where he can relax, snooze the days away in a sunny window, and perhaps enjoy some leisure time in a nice garden. We aren’t sure how Digger would be with children, so we think he would be ok with occassionally visiting children (as long as he can go and do his own thing if he wishes), but not full time kiddies, as he does appreciate quiet.

Digger has lived with a cat before, but was bullied by him, and Digger has been much happier on his own, so a pet free home is also a must.

Digger will make a wonderful companion for someone looking for a relaxed older gent to spend retirement with.


Archer has been in the wars before coming to the shelter. He had been the losing side of a nasty cat fight and sustained quite a few injuries!

Now though, he is recovering and doing very well! Archer is very sweet and enjoys fusses and playtime. He gets a little overexcited sometimes, but it is all in play. He very much likes his food, and does enjoy a lap to curl up on when he is tired.

Archer enjoys being the only furry and because he can be a little boisterous, we feel teenage children and older would be most suitable.

Archer would like to be able to go outside again to play when he’s ready and we are sure he will have many hours of fun chasing leaves and investigating plant pots.

If you could do with a friendly, playful fluff like this in your life, please get in touch.

Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson came to us when her previous owner sadly passed away.

Miss Jackson was understandably very scared and wary of her new environment at the shelter, and the people in it, but she is now starting to regain some confidence with us. She enjoys gentle fuss around her cheeks and even has a little play with her feather teaser toys! And she absolutely loves her cardboard scratchpad with catnip!

We feel Miss J will need a very special home with a very patient and understanding person, and someone with previous kitty experience. Miss J will let you know when she isn’t feeling comfortable in her surroundings, and this will likely be the case when settling into a new home. However, we are sure with time and patience and giving her the space she needs, she will settle in and become her affectioante self again.

She had been with her previous owner for over 10 years, the last 5 of which were quite unsettling for her as lots of people were in and out of the house on a daily basis.

Miss J will need a very quiet home going forward, without any children (or visiting children) and without other pets. She really needs a retirement home where she can do as she pleases and be content and happy.

Miss J used to go outside previously, but rarely left the garden.

If you could give this little lady the retirement home she so deserves, please get in touch.


Jack came to us when his owner became too ill to care for him properly.

Jack so far has been very shy at the shelter, and has just wanted to hide, so he is going to stay with one of our lovely fosterers short term, so that he is as comfortable as can be until his new home is found.

Jack is a big lad! He has only ever lived indoors, and hasn’t been exposed to much, so it is understandable that it would take him longer to adapt to a new home/situation than some other cats would. We hope in time, he will settle and show us the kind of cat he is.

Jack hasn’t been around dogs or children before, so this would need to remain the same to ensure Jack is comfortable as he can be in his new home. He has lived with another cat before, but apparently would steal her food!

A quiet home would be best for Jack, with someone who isn’t out for long periods of time.

If you feel you could give this chunky chap a second chance at happiness, please get in touch.


Robin is a very handsome chap! As you can see.

Robin is with us due to his owner passing away and being turned out on to the street.

Robin has been with one of our amazing shortterm fosterers, as he wasn’t coping well in the shelter. However, now in a normal home environment, he is really at ease. He is very confident with his fosterers, and has shown himself to be very loving, independant and very vocal! He just loves to chat away!

His fosterer says he is still sometimes a little jumpy if there’s a strange noise, but that’s the same for many cats!

Robin will headbutt for fusses around his head , cheeks and chin, but gets a little overstimulated with full body strokes, so he likes things kept simple!

Robin really loves his treats, but is limited as he is a bit of a chubby chops! He is very clever though, and has let himself into the cupboard for some treats a few times!! He is very inquisitive (polite for nosey!), and will investigate anything you’re up to.

Robin likes to sleep on the bed with his fosterers at night, and while he isn’t a lap cat, he sits very close to them on the sofa of an evening watching the sopas, or the footie.

Robin is showing a lot of interest in going outside now, so a quiet and safe outdoor environment will be a must for this chap’s new home. He doesn’t get on with kiddies (too scary!) and would rather be the only furbaby in the home too.

We feel Robin would make a lovely companion, so if you think he could be for you, please get in touch.