Rollie came to us with is mum when their previous owner couldn’t cope with the number of cats in the home.

Rollie is very sweet and laid back. He is still very much a kitten, even if a big one! He has lots of energy, loves to play and be groomed and likes his food too!

We feel Rollie could potentially be introduced to another cat around his age, with his energy level. He hasn’t lived with dogs before, and has lived with children 7 years and above. Rollie has never been outside before, but if in a quiet area with no busy roads nearby, he may be able to be introduced to going out.

Rollie would make a lovely addition to a family, and we are desperate to find him his forever home soon.


Baby came to us after her owner passed away suddenly. With nowhere to go, Baby was scared and lonely.

Baby is now on foster with a lovely foster carer. Baby has started to come out of her shell now and explores the house more and her fosterer says she is very sweet.

Baby has only ever lived indoors, and is a little shy so we feel this is best for her. She has lived with other cats before, but we aren’t sure what the relationships were like or whether she tolerated them. She has never lived with children and has only ever known a quiet home, so going forward we feel she needs a calm and quiet home.

If you could give Baby the companionship she needs, please complete our application to express your interest in her.

**Special Home needed for Pippin **

Pippin is a special boy.

His past was chequered and he needs a new chapter with someone who can give him all that he needs.

Pippin is extremely clever and has lots of energy. He does get nervous from time to time, so it’s important for us to manage this anxiety.

Going forward, Pippin needs a home that has adults only, who are experienced with cats that have special behavioural challenges. He needs someone who can keep his mind stimulated and help enable him to burn off his excess energy. Ideally he will be introduced to going outside so he can start to explore and enjoy himself, giving his mind and body more positive stimulation and a way to use his energy.

Pippin is food and play motivated and picks things up very quickly.

The staff members taking charge of Pippins care have fallen head over heels for him and will be sad to see him move on, but we know it’s the best for him as shelter life isn’t suitable. He’s too smart and sweet, and deserves to live a happy life.

Serious applications for Pippin only please.


Bridget is an absolute sweetheart! She came to us after being helped by a good Samaritan, after being found to be living in unsuitable conditions.

She likes to be fussed and doesn’t seem to be phased by much, apart from other cats!

Bridget can be a bit shy to begin with and doesn’t really like to be picked up unless she has to.

She is used to having access to the outdoors, so will need a home away from main/busy roads.


Honey’s name really matches her personality, she is just as sweet as honey!

Honey gives the best cuddles and as long as she’s in the mood, she likes to be picked up for a proper cuddle and even a sloppy kiss! She is really playful at times too, and sometimes gets overzealous (she likes to swat at bunned hair, or nibble ankles if you’re ignoring her!).

Honey is such a character and will make a great companion!

She will need a home away from busy/main roads as she is used to going outside.

She really dislikes other cats and isn’t fond of too much going on around her so we don’t think that she will be happy in a home with children.

Could your life bee a little sweeter with Honey in it?…

Youngsters available

We have various youngsters available from 3 – 12 months old. Please note, some of these youngsters may need to be rehomed in pairs. Please complete an adoption form and contact us for more information.

Henry and Gary – 7 and 6 months, males, tabby short and longhaired, neutered, chipped, vaccinated.

Major and Manuel- 4 months old. Both neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.