Barnaby is a beautifully big chap, who is looking for a new home.

He couldn’t stay with his last owner due to the cost of living and having to move in with family.

Barnaby is a big softie, and has a tiny miaow for such a big lad!

Barnaby has just lived with his one man owner since being a kitten, and has lived with another cat (Bill) for about a year too. He doesn’t like lots of noise, so we think a single owner or a quiet couple would be nice for him. He could do with losing a bit of timber (we’ll call it winter weight for now!), so should have a new family that will be keen to have lots of playtime with him.

Barnaby hasn’t been outside before, but we feel it would be nice for him to have the option as he is still young and might enjoy it.

Barnaby hasn’t lived with/been around children before, so an adult only home would likely be best. He also hasn’t come across dogs before.

If you have room for a strapping young furry fellow in your home and your heart, please get in touch.


Jerry is a confident and friendly kitten, who needs a new home with no other cats, as he had started to not like sharing a house with his brother in his previous home.

His favourite thing in the world is food, and even tries to steal human food sometimes!

Jerry will need a home where his new owners are aren’t out of the house for too many hours during the day. He has lived with kids in his previous home.

He has had some tummy issues growing up, and may need to be on a special sensitive diet going forward.

He hasn’t shown much interest in going outdoors yet, but may like to go out in the future.


Mycroft came to the shelter when his home life was no longer suitable for him.

With the addition of little humans, Mycroft wasn’t very happy. And just like Mycroft didn’t get along with Sherlock, our Mycroft didn’t get along with his feline family either. So we are on the look out for somewhere for Mycroft where he can be himself.

Just like his namesake, Mycroft is independent and clever. He’s not keen on being picked up (as I’m sure his namesake wouldn’t be either), but he does enjoy our affection and comes over to greet us frequently.

Mycroft would love a garden to explore and safe surrounding area with no main roads nearby.

Ideally he would go to a home where there are no plans to start a family, as we know he isn’t comfortable/happy in this kind of environment.

Mycroft will make a lovely addition to the right home. If this could be yours, please get in touch.

Best camouflage ever!
Just woken up face….


Dory came to the shelter as her elderly owner had developed dementia and was sadly no longer able to care for her cat.

Dory is a sweetie, but likes quiet and being able to do her own thing. She is used to being fairly independent, but does like to know you’re around.

Dory enjoys her home comforts, but would definitely need access outdoors again so that she can explore and sunbathe in the summer.

Dory doesn’t really like kiddies, cats or dogs, so would need to be the only furry and with some nice grown up humans.

Dory loves her food and will even indulge in a treat or two, but she’s currently watching her figure, so is limited to just a few treats a day.

If you have a quiet calm home, and would like to welcome Dory into it, please get in touch.


Jack came to us when his owner became too ill to care for him properly.

Jack so far has been very shy at the shelter, and has just wanted to hide, so he is going to stay with one of our lovely fosterers short term, so that he is as comfortable as can be until his new home is found.

Jack is a big lad! He has only ever lived indoors, and hasn’t been exposed to much, so it is understandable that it would take him longer to adapt to a new home/situation than some other cats would. We hope in time, he will settle and show us the kind of cat he is.

Jack hasn’t been around any other cats, dogs or children before, so this would need to remain the same to ensure Jack is comfortable as he can be in his new home.

A quiet home would be best for Jack, with someone who isn’t out for long periods of time.

If you feel you could give this chunky chap a second chance at happiness, please get in touch.


Clementine is a beautiful lady, but she always looks annoyed…..we think this is because she doesn’t have a place to call her own! So, we are desperate to find her her own castle, perfect for a princess!

Clementine enjoys her own space and is happy chilling out on a comfy bed, but she will also come over to see you when she likes and purrs a lot! She enjoys gentle head, cheek and chin tickles and we think would appreciate a quiet life.

Sometimes Clementine gets a little overwhelmed, so we let her take the lead with our interactions, but we can see her potential and she has even clambered onto a staff members shoulder so that she could nuzzle her ear and face! She also loves getting on laps, and then having some gentle strokes around her head, but can get overstimulated by too much fussing.

We aren’t sure how Clementine would be with dogs or other cats and we have been told she doesn’t do well with children, but she strikes us as the kind of cat that would be happy to have the castle all to herself anyway!

She is used to going outside so would like to have access again.

So if you have a patient, understanding and loving home for Clementine to relax and enjoy life again, please get in touch.


Robin is a very handsome chap! As you can see.

He has been quite scared at the shelter so has now gone to stay with a temporary fosterer in hopes that he will settle quicker and show us his true personality.

Robin is with us due to his owner passing away and the cats in the home being turned out on to the street.

We don’t know much about his past experiences, but seems to prefer a quieter environment.

We aren’t sure how he would be with children and dogs, and because we don’t know the relationship between him and the other cats, we can’t say for sure if he would be good with another cat. So currently he’s a bit of an unknown! However, time in foster should give him the opportunity to open up and tell us more about himself.

Mariah and King

Mariah and King came to the shelter when their owner could no longer cope with the number of cats she had.

These little guys were riddled with fleas and worms and needed some TLC. Now on foster with some brilliant fosterers, they are really coming out of their shells and showing how inquisitive, playful and sweet they are.

Mariah isn’t yet living up to her Diva namesake, and is rather reserved. She likes it quiet and she likes to know King is around somewhere.

King is very inquisitive and likes to explore when he’s feeling brave enough. They like to sleep together and look out of the window together.

These little ones haven’t been outside, but in the future may wish to venture, if the surrounding area isn’t too “car-busy” and if there’s a nice garden to play in.

They have lived with young children before, but were very scared and didn’t really enjoy it, so a quieter household would be most suited. They haven’t lived with dogs before, but seem ok with other cats.

If you could like the Queen of Pop and the King of….well his Cat tree, to join your home, please get in touch.

King and Mariah


Ted came to us with his sister Rosie when their owner sadly passed away.

Ted is a sweetheart. He is a gentle giant and loves the company of his current short term fosterers. He also has a pretty great purr and likes to show it off as often as possible. Ted hasn’t been a lapcat at yet, but he likes to be near and pads to you when he wants more fuss (sweeeet!). Ted would enjoy going outside maybe more in the summer months so he would like a home where there is quiet and safe outdoor space for him to potter around.

We aren’t sure how Ted would be with children, but older/teenage children may be ok, just as long as the house isn’t too bustling and busy. He needs a nice retirement home!

At 16, Ted is doing well, but his kidneys have started to tire somewhat. He is currently on a special diet and some medicine that he has in his food, which the shelter pays for. If you would like to consider adopting Ted, but are concerned about the vet costs, we can discuss the shelter helping with this. Our priority is that Ted finds his new home as soon as possible, where he will be loved and have the best care as long as he needs it, so don’t let it put you off adopting this wonderful kitty!

If you have room in your home and your heart for this pleasant gentleman to spend his remaining time with you, please apply now adoption form here.


George came to the shelter with a group of cats who had been left to fend for themselves after their feeder passed away. They have had little socialisation or proper human contact. Ideally he would have free roam of his next environment, but will need shelter, food and warmth.

George is a young boy, around 2 years Old. He is wary of us humans, but gets on well with the other cats from the colony.

An ideal situation for these kitties would be to live in a shelter in someone’s garden, with that someone feeding them twice per day and ensuring they always have that shelter and warmth, but so that they can free roam.

If you can offer something like this for these beautiful cats, please get in touch. (please note, we may be able to help with providing food for these cats if needed)


Agatha is a young lady, just under a year old. She came to the shelter with a group of cats who had been left to fend for themselves after their feeder passed away. They had little socialisation or proper human contact. Agatha has become much braver during her time in the shelter and is no longer scared by being in the same room as a person, so we feel she may be able to live in a garden or a home environment where there will be no pressure for her to interact with people if she doesn’t wish to. This being said, with time and patience and no pressure, she may seek the affection and interaction from her new humans as she has done in the shelter.

She gets on well with the other cats from her colony, so we feel she may like to live in a home with other friendly cats.

An ideal situation for Agatha would be to live in a quiet home where she can come and go as she pleases, or a shelter in someone’s garden, with that someone feeding her twice per day and ensuring she always has shelter and warmth, but so that she can free roam.

If you can offer something like this for this beautiful cat, please get in touch.