Cats Currently Available for adoption

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Errol is a sweetheart! He loves cuddles and kisses, and enjoys playtime too!

He’s a big fan of Lickelix and Sheba food, and will tell you all about his day and then snooze!

Errol is desperate to find a new home, somewhere to call his own.

A lap to curl up on, a nose to head boop, maybe a window, with birds he can snoop….

Will you be his saviour, his bestie, his pal?

If so, apply now, and have a good friend you shall!…….

(No young kiddies, no other pets please 😁)


Ash is a lovely cuddly boy who has had a tough time recently. After being missing for over two months, he was finally found, but by this time his owner could no longer keep him.

Ash is almost completely bald on his back and legs due to a very bad flea allergy which will have prgressed while he was missing, but now that has been treated he should have a lovely coat of fur in a few months time!

Ash will need a home with outdoor access, without young children, or other pets, and with someone who will give him all the love he deserves!

If that could be you, please get in touch.


Shelby was brought to the shelter in a bag for life….it’s a shame the person who abandoned her didn’t feel she was for life 🙁

Shelby was so scared when she arrived and wasn’t happy in the shelter environment, so we sent her to a lovely fosterer who has allowed Shelby the choice and control in all interactions and given her a good routine, and Shelby has made so much progress already!

Her fosterer told us:

“Shelby is continuing to make progress.
– she seems to enjoy my presence and company.  She will purr when we are together and greets me with the raised tail and little chirrups.  She loves having a head bump and scratching.

– she is playing more actively, chasing little fluffy balls as well as enjoying ‘things under things’ and pouncing games.

– she is not hiding any more.  She loves to sit on the windowsill which gets morning sunlight, watching the birds, keeping an eye on dogwalkers and generally being the nosy neighbour!
– she is still wary, however.  She does not want to sit on a lap and although she enjoys pets, she is also afraid of being touched if she hasn’t initiated it.  She is still conflicted about whether human intentions are benign or otherwise, so I simply allow her to approach me if she wants to and leave her be otherwise.

I think she will continue to make progress in building trust, but it may take time.  I think she will need a home without small children who would make sudden movements or create lots of noise.  I think she would need someone who would be patient and gentle and let her go at her own pace.  In that sort of environment I believe she will blossom into a lovely, affectionate pet.  She is gentle and sweet.”

We can’t say much more than that! Just that Shelby will need access outdoors when settled into her new home, older children that are respectful and quiet around cats may be ok, and no other furries please.

Apply now!


This handsome boy was sadly abandoned on the streets with 3 other cats.

They were rather shy in the shelter so we decided to send them to a fosterer.

Jason and Chidi are currently housed together with the fosterer, and while they get on most of the time, we don’t think Chidi is as thrilled to still have the equivalent of his younger brother around, cramping his style and vibes!

Chidi is a gentle giant and comes out to play, but is more of a scaredy cat, so would prefer a nice chilled home where he can take his time to come out of his shell.

Jason seems to be the most inquisitive and enjoys playing and will even snuggle up on a lap if he’s in the mood afterwards. He is certainly a sun worshipper, finding any spot in the house covered in sun and snoozing there for a while

In the foster home they have quickly made great progress, though they are still nervous about new people which is understandable.

We think these boys could be adopted together if they have lots of space indoor and out, but would certainly do well being adopted separately. We don’t know how they would be with dogs or children, knowing very little about their past, but as they are quite shy to begin with, a quieter home with older or no children may be best.

They will need access outside when they are settled in.

If you could give a lovely home to one or two of these black beauties, please get in touch.

The Lionesses

These gorgeous kitties came into the shelter after living in a garden with their mum since birth.

All of these kitts have had a rough time, firstly being born outside and then having cat flu when they arrived (thankfully they are over it now). So we are now looking for homes for them.

Originally 7 in the litter, 4 of these kitties were rehomed to separate lovely new homes where their owners are very patient and understanding, and don’t have high or unrealistic expectations of them, and they have already made brilliant progress. (One of them, Kelly, is even a shoulder cat now!)

We think that with the same time and patience, these kitties will come around too. Another friendly cat in the home would also really help to show them the ropes, and they do like being around other kitties!

Lauren and Chloe seem to be bolder around humans so could settle in to a home environment, again, with little expectation of them, and with another friendly cat to show them the ropes, they should come on very quickly. Alex is a shy lad, but a gentle chunk! He can also be won over by toys if he’s feeling brave. He is the snuggliest boy with his fosterer!

If you feel you could give the ideal home to one or a couple of these cats, please get in touch.


At this time of year, we are starting to have very young kittens entering the shelter.

Please note, kittens will not be rehomed before the age of 11 weeks. If you have other cats at home, you will need to provide vaccination and neuter history BEFORE adoption.

If you are interested in adopting a kitten you can apply here and we will be in touch if we have any available and suitable.

We prefer that our kittens be able to have the choice to go outside when they are old enough, so it is preferable that they are homed to an area which is quiet and will allow for this. However, there are circumstances in which kittens will be rehomed as indoor cats.

If you are considering adopting a cat, please view our ‘Considering Adopting?’ page, to help you decide if adopting a cat is right for you.

Please read our ‘Adoption Process Information‘ page for more information on our adoption process.

Once you have read these pages and are sure that you are ready to adopt, please fill in the application form below.