Maya is a friendly kitten who was found abandoned in a carrier in a park, despite this she loves people and it only took her a few days to settle into the shelter. Like all young cats she loves to play and she will be a very entertaining addition to anyone’s home.

We don’t know much about Maya’s background, but feel she will make a great addition to a family, and has shown lots of affection and a lovely nature with us.

Maya may be ok with kids, possible other cats, and dogs with slow introductions. Alternatively, she seems quite content and happy just being her!

Ria and Zara

Ria and Zara are a lovely young pair of kittens who would love a new home togther.

They are both affectionate, but Ria is the most confident and comes running straight over for fusses (and food!)

Zara takes a little longer to warm up to people but is just as lovely as her sister. She is however, very easily won over with her pink and purple feather toy!

They would love a new home with safe outdoor access, they may be able to live with other cats, calm dogs and older children

If you could offer this pair the home they deswrve, please get in touch.


Clint is a very handsome cat who came into the shelter after his owner sadly passed away.

As Clint was very scared at the shelter, we sent him to a wonderful short term fosterer so that he is back in a homely environment that he is used to. We are hoping that his personality will become more apparent there.

Once he has settled into his new home he should be a lot happier and will enjoy some fusses from his new humans. He is already quite a chatty cat and must have enjoyed many a comversation with his previous owner.

Clint is a very healthy 9 year old and has a clean bill of health. It would be great for him to have a nice garden to enjoy the nice weather in and a nice bed to enjoy a nap on!

He will need a home with no other cats, dogs or children that is quiet like he is used to.

If you feel Clint could be your next furry companion, please get in touch.


Jem was a feral lady, living on the streets to fend for herself, then inevitably, she had kittens.

Jem’s kittens are now independant so we are looking for her new abode!

As Jem isn’t a touchy feely cat, but she is quite a bold cat, we feel she could live in a home with very little expectations of her and where she can come and go freely. Alternatively, she would make a great garden cat, with an adequate shelter and food and water provided daily, she would be able to act out her natural behaviour and if she wanted to become friendlier in time, she would have the choice.

Jem is a beautiful girl who was let down by someone in the past, and now it’s up to us nice humans to give her the home she deserves.

Please get in touch if you can offer Jem somewhere to call home.


We currently have kittens of different ages, who will be ready at different times throughout the next few months.

If you are interested in adopting a kitten you can apply here.

Please note, kittens will not be rehomed before the age of 11 weeks. If you have other cats at home, you will need to provide vaccination and neuter history BEFORE adoption.

We prefer that our kittens be able to have the choice to go outside when they are old enough, so it is preferable that they are homed to an area which is quiet and will allow for this. However, there are circumstances in which kittens will be rehomed as indoor cats.