Mrs Grey

Mrs Grey came to the shelter because she had become unhappy in her last home.

Mrs Grey is a lovely lady, she just likes her peace and quiet, and who can blame her!

Mrs Grey likes her food and likes lots of fuss and gives head boops. She hasn’t ventured onto our knee yet, but once settled we think she will make a wonderful companion.

Mrs Grey needs a home away from main and busy roads so she can go outside as she pleases, and needs an adult only home with no other pets.

If you feel Mrs Grey could have a space in your home and heart, please fill out our application to express your interest.


Tabbitha came to us when her previous owner passed away, after having her for less than a year.

As expected, Tabbitha was very sad and confused when she came to the shelter. Luckily though we had a fantastic fosterer on hand to take her home and give her some much needed TLC.

Tabbitha has a bit of arthritis which she is trialling some basic pain relief medication for, and seems to be doing well.

Tabbitha is quite the character and gorgeous to boot! She has been allowed outside before, so will need a home in a quiet area, well away from and main/busy roads.

She would prefer an adult only home, where she is the only pet and will have a comfortable and quiet life.

If you feel you could give Tabbitha the great life she deserves, please complete our application form to apply.


Bridget is an absolute sweetheart! She came to us after being helped by a good Samaritan, after being found to be living in unsuitable conditions.

She likes to be fussed and doesn’t seem to be phased by much, apart from other cats!

Bridget can be a bit shy to begin with and doesn’t really like to be picked up unless she has to.

She is used to having access to the outdoors, so will need a home away from main/busy roads.


Honey’s name really matches her personality, she is just as sweet as honey!

She came to us after being found as a stray.

Honey loves cuddles and fusses!

She will need a home away from busy/main roads as she is used to going outside.

She really dislikes other cats and isn’t fond of too much going on around her so we don’t think that she will be happy in a home with children. If she doesn’t like something, she will give you a gentle nip.

Rupert and Sofia

Rupert and Sofia came to the shelter after their previous owners circumstances changed.

They are a lovely pair, very playful.

Sofia is the more confident one of the two but can be a bit shy before she gets to know you, whilst Rupert can be quite shy and anxious before he settles in to his new environment. Therefore their new owners will have to be patient and understanding.

They will need a quiet home, with no other pets or children.

Rupert did have toileting issues in his previous home, but hasn’t had any issues since being in the shelter.

Youngsters available

We have various youngsters available from 3 – 12 months old. Please note, some of these youngsters may need to be rehomed in pairs. Please complete and adoption form and contact us for more information.

Oreo – 6/7 months old, male, black and white, neutered, chipped and vaccinated. Very sweet and playful. Will need a cat buddy to play with. He has a lot of energy so will need a home with access to the outdoors, away from main/busy roads.

Diggory – 3 months, male, black, neutered, chipped, vaccinated.

Isaac – 3 months, male, black, neutered, chipped, vaccinated.

Henry – 4 months, male, tabby longhaired, neutered, chipped, vaccinated.

Jasmine – 4 months, female, tabby, neutered, chipped, vaccinated.

Abby – 4 months, female, tabby, neutered, chipped, vaccinated.

Tiana (Tia) – 4 months, female, Black, neutered, chipped, vaccinated.

Alex – 4 months, male, tabby, neutered, chipped, vaccinated.

Gary – 4 months, male, tabby, neutered, chipped, vaccinated.

Toffo, Taz, Sherbet, Poppet, Freddo


Angel is a very independent kitty, who has plenty of catitude!

She can be affectionate but on her terms only.

Angel loves to be outside more than being indoors and really likes her food.

She will need a home with no other pets or children.

Angel will need an experienced owner who doesn’t have high expectations.

**Special Home needed for Colin **

Colin is a complex soul, after years of fending for himself, getting into numerous fights with the other local toms, he’s had his fair share of battles. Now though, Colin needs stability and a home where he can be shown that some humans are kind and offer nice things.

At the moment Colin is still very unsure of his surroundings. He does like to have a fuss and will purr, but can be spooked and overwhelmed easily and will nip (sometimes more than a nip) or give you a whack when he feels scared or feels he needs to protect his food, which he got so used to doing on the streets. We think he is also a little bored at the shelter, and have found that he enjoys playing with his snakey feather fishing rod toy more than his other toys!

He also enjoys the simple comforts of a cosy bed and radiator after a long while on the streets. However, because of his time on the streets, he is very protective of his food and some items like his blankets and beds.

Colin was diagnosed with FIV upon his health check. This means Colin will need to live indoors from now on and be the only cat in the home. We feel Colin would be happier in a roomy house rather than a flat or smaller abode with ideally a very secure garden (as in, strictly no cats in or out!).

Colin will need an adult only home with experienced owners whose expectations are not too high. Colin has been trialled in a home with one adult, but got very bossy and dominating, so we feel strongly that he may need outdoor time, which is limited to a garden/catio only he will be in.

If you feel you have the experience to give Colin a great life and happy home, please complete our application form. Serious applications only please.