Cats Currently Available for adoption

Please use the buttons below to search for a cat that matches your requirements, and click on the photos to view more information about each cats personailty, and the type of home they are looking for.


Batman came to us after he was found as a stray and taken to our vets.

We think he may have been hit by a car causing him to have a slightly wonky eye. This is causing him no issues, and may resolve with time, or be a permanent feature…but we think he is adorable either way!

He absolutely loves people, and is a total snuggle bug, he loves cuddles and scritches and even the occaisional belly rub!

He is only a young boy, so he is playful and energetic, and he is also food motivated.

We think he may be able to live with kids, and would like access to the outdoors.


This lovely lady was brought to us in yet another carrier bag!!

Despite the lack of previous care, this beautiful little lady is such a great cat. She is affectionate and very chatty.

After having more than her share of kittens, Mango is now neutered and getting ready for her new home.

Mango enjoys going outside and while she hasn’t lived with cats before, she has lived with children.

Mango is a friendly girl who is looking forward to going to her new home. If that could be yours, get in touch!


Sully is an affectionate young cat in need of a new home.

Sully’s last home was a little too crowded for him and he would certainly prefer to be the only cat.

He wants all of the human attention for himself!

Sully hasn’t been outside before, but it would be nice to give him the option in the future, as he is young and energetic.

We aren’t sure how Sully would be with kiddies, but he is friendly so may be ok with cat friendly children.

If you can give this lovely little chap a home, please get in touch.


Tia came to the shelter when circumstances at home changed and Tia wasn’t happy.

Tia has shown herself to be a very affectionate cat when she is somewhere calm and quiet. We are hoping to find her a lovely peaceful home where we hope she will flourish.

An ideal home for Tia will be child and pet free, quiet and in a nice area where she will be happy to go outside.

If you could offer this little lady her ideal home, please get in touch.


Polly is a friendly girl who loves a fuss and boy, does she love her dreamies!!

Polly has lived with a family before and really enjoys human interaction. She doesn’t seem to be a lap cat right now, but you never know.

She likes to play when she is in the mood, and she enjoys going outside.

She hasn’t lived with cats aside from her own kittens (even they got too much for her!), but she is very happy being the centre of someone’s attention.

Polly hasn’t lived with dogs before either, so a pet free home would be ideal.

Polly will make a lovely family companion and we can’t wait to find her the purrfect match.

Get in touch if you think that could be you.


At this time of year, we regularly have kittens entering the shelter.

Please note, kittens will not be rehomed before the age of 11 weeks. If you have other cats at home, you will need to provide vaccination and neuter history BEFORE adoption.

If you are interested in adopting a kitten you can apply here and we will be in touch if we have any available and suitable for your home and lifestyle.

We prefer that our kittens be able to have the choice to go outside when they are old enough, so it is preferable that they are homed to an area which is quiet and will allow for this. However, there are circumstances in which kittens will be rehomed as indoor cats.

If you are considering adopting a cat, please view our ‘Considering Adopting?’ page, to help you decide if adopting a cat is right for you.

Please read our ‘Adoption Process Information‘ page for more information on our adoption process.

Once you have read these pages and are sure that you are ready to adopt, please fill in the application form below.

Our adoption fee is £150 per cat (or £225 for two cats)

However, this amount only partially covers the essential costs:

microchip worth £30
neutering worth £60-100
vaccination course worth £60-80
flea and worm treatment worth £20

This all adds up to at least £170 per cat, not including food, litter and overheads, so any additional donation you are able to make is greatly appreciated.