Jessie came to us when her owner could no longer cope.

Jessie is a sweetie, quite shy while she has been with us at the shelter, so we are looking for a nice home with people who will give her time to come out of her shell and settle in.

Jessie has been used to going outside and has been around children before, so may be ok with sensible children who have been around cats before and know how to behave around them.

Jessie has lived with other cats before, but these have been either her kittens or her siblings, so we can’t guarantee how she would be around cats not from her current social group. She hasn’t been around dogs.

Please complete an application to express your interest in Jessie.


Seth came to the shelter when his owner could no longer keep him.

Seth is a sweet young chap. He likes a fuss, but is still a little unsure of things at the shelter and really needs a home where he can settle down and relax. He is very playful when he feels more comfortable in his environment.

Seth likes to go outside too and will need a home away from main or busy roads, so that he can explore safely.

Seth hasn’t been around children and he can be a little shy an unsure of loud and unusual noises so we feel older or no children would be best. Seth doesn’t get along very well with other cats and hasn’t been around dogs before.

If you have a place in your home for Seth to settle down and make your home his, please apply and state your interest.


Simba was unwanted by his previous owners after only a few months of ownership so he has been around the houses, literally, before arriving at the shelter.

Simba is an absolute sweetheart. A typical 10 month old, full of beans, purrs and more beans! He loves a fuss and really enjoys playing so he will need a home where there is someone to play with him and help burn off some energy. As you can tell from the photo, he doesn’t stay still for two minutes! So he’ll keep his new family on their toes!

We think Simba might like to go outside once he is settled, so will need an area away from busy roads to explore.

We think Simba may be ok with sensible children who have been around cats before. He’s not keen on other cats, as he seems to want all the attention to be on him!

If you have room for this bundle of fun in your home, please apply now and state your interest.

Rosie and Ted

Rosie and Ted came to the shelter when their owner sadly passed away.

Rosie is a chatty lady who likes to make her presence known! She demands fuss whenever you’re around and even likes her tummy to be gently scratched and tickled. Rosie also has a magnificent purr, she would rival a Harley Davidson!!

Ted, Rosie’s brother, is a sweetheart too. He also has a pretty great purr and likes to show it off as often as possible. Ted likes a fuss too. He isn’t a lapcat at present, but we feel Rosie would make up for this! Ted really enjoys going outside so he would like a home where there is quiet and safe outdoor space for him to potter around.

These kitties are supersweet and really need a retirement home to settle down in.

If you could offer this, please apply and state your interest in this wonderful pair!


Iris came to the shelter when her owner could no longer keep her.

Iris is a lovely lady, very gentle and loves a fuss. She isn’t keen on being picked up, but does like to come for chin tickles and really enjoys her food and a treat or two.

Iris is used to going outside so would like a home where she has a safe outdoor space to explore, away from busy roads.

Iris isn’t too keen on other cats and hasn’t lived with dogs or children. She may be ok with older, sensible children, but we would assess this on a visit.

Iris has a great character and is a cutie, she just needs a home now!

Please apply via the Adoption Application and state your interest in Iris.


Gina came to us after she was left behind by her last owner.

Gina is a sweetheart. She is quite chilled in a quiet environment. She loves to nap and eat! Her two favourite things to do!

She will make a lovely addition to a quiet home with just adults, she finds children a little overwhelming. We aren’t sure what she would be like with other cats and dogs, but seems rather content by herself.

She would enjoy being able to go outside again when she feels like it, so will need a home in a quiet area, preferably with a nice garden.

If your windowsill is missing a cat, Gina could fill that gap. Complete our online adoption form now.


Nutmeg came to the shelter when her owner could no longer care for her.

Nutmeg is a lovely little cat, very friendly and quite a confident lady.

Currently Nutmeg is on foster with a nice family, so she is used to primary school aged children (they have experience with cats). She hasn’t been allowed outside yet, but once she is old enough, she may enjoy this. Nutmeg hasn’t been around dogs, and isn’t keen on other cats.

She would make a lovely addition to a family and is patiently awaiting her new home.


Mertle came to us when her last owner was moving into unsuitable accommodation.

Mertle is a very chatty cat, so if you’re looking for a quiet companion, that’s not Mertle! She loves to tell you what she’s doing, what she wants, what she’s done, what she’s planning to do, her life story really!

Mertle loves the outdoors too! She is the only cat we’ve had recently that enjoys our outdoor cat space during the day. She loves to sit in the high up hammocks watching the world go by, but is so happy when we come out to sit with her at lunch.

Mertle is a fusspot, even though she still chats while being fussed! She’s not overly keen on long cuddles, but is fine to be picked up gently when we need to move her or pop her in her carrier (another thing she does well!).

Mertle has been happy around children age 12 years and above, but dislikes other cats very much, and has never been around dogs.

If you need a chatty Kathy in your life, please apply now.

Arthur and Penny

Arthur and Penny came to us when their owner sadly passed away.

They are an absolutely lovely pair.

Arthur is a bundle of affection and a real character. He loves fusses and cuddles, and he likes to tell you that you’re not paying enough attention to him with his little quack-like meow!


Penny is a much more private kittie, she’s happy to be the queen of the house and rest in her little strawberry bed. She does however absolutely love a fuss when she’s in there and purrs very loudly. They are both very gentle cats and would love a fairly quiet home.


They haven’t lived with children before or dogs, and would likely prefer a home where they would receive all of the love.

If you are looking for companionship in the form of two furry floofs, please apply today.


Jezz came to us when his previous owner sadly couldn’t keep him.

Jezz has been well loved and was a little out of sorts at first when he came to the shelter. He is used to being in a home with adults around and we feel he is missing this a lot. He likes lots of fusses and playtime. He’s a gentle soul and likes to chat to you too.

Jezz loves to play with his fishing rod toy and had recently started to venture outside too, which he enjoys. He doesn’t do well with young children and can be timid if things are a little too noisy.

At the shelter he has been an absolute delight. He enjoys having a picky cuddle, chin scratches and kisses. He likes to get on your lap when he feels like it, but he’s a typical youngster and is always busy with something to do! We can’t wait for this lovely chap to find his forever home, we’ll be sad to see him go, but know he deserves to be spoiled and doted on!

Jezz hasn’t been around dogs, and while he doesn’t seem aggressive towards cats he can see at the shelter, we feel he would be happier being just him and his humans.

Please apply now and state your interest in him.

Cane and Oliver

Oliver and Cane came to the shelter with a number of other cats when their owner could no longer keep them.

Oliver is a friendly, albeit quiet boy. He likes to relax in his bed and let you come to fuss him. Unless it’s breakfast time, then he’s over like a flash, with Cane not far behind! Oliver can be playful, when he’s in the mood, so prepare for nighttime zoomies!

When they first arrived with us, Cane was really shy and looked pretty sad, but as he has settled and gotten used to the staff and volunteers here, he is now super sweet and takes Oliver’s lead often. It took a while to get a purr from Cane, but now, he has a really good one!

The boys haven’t lived with dogs or children before, just one teenager. Sensible older children and teens may suit, but we would assess this on a visit.

They are used to going outside so will need a home away from any main or busy roads.

If you have an Cane and Oliver shaped hole in your life, please fill in our adoption application now.

Bobbie and Grace

Bobbie and Grace came to the shelter when their previous owner was ill and couldn’t take care of them anymore.

These lovely girls have been together for the best part of 10 years and get on really well together. Grace is like Bobbie’s little bodyguard/shadow/PA!

Bobbie is a chunky monkey with no tail and a tremendously loud purr!! You’d think there was a Harley Davidson in the room! She is very sweet and loves fusses, and will normally purr just seeing someone.

Grace is a mini monkey, with a softer purr, who loves to get on your lap at any chance she can! When we aren’t around or a lap isn’t available, she will normally go and sit with Bobbie, squishing right up to her!

They have been outside before so would like access to a safe outdoor space, away from any main/busy roads. They haven’t lived with other cats before and we think they are happy just the two of them. They haven’t been around dogs before either. We aren’t sure how they would be around children, but they are very sweet and most of the time, quite chilled cats, so sensible children may be an option. This is something we would assess at a visit.

Both of these girls deserve a great home with lots of company and love…..and of course plenty of lap time for Grace!


Baby and Socks

Baby and Socks came to the shelter when their owner could no longer care for them.

At present they are understandably shy and nervous, so we are looking for a home with someone with cat experience for these two, someone that can help them bust out of their shell and start enjoying life as 1 year old cats should.

They have lived with other relative cats before and we are told they have lived with dogs.

Ideally we feel a quiet adult only home with someone who has plenty of time to spend with these two would be best.

They have never been outside before, and given their nervous disposition at present, that would probably be the best thing for them for now.

If you have time, patience and room in your home and heart for these little beauties, please fill out our adoption application today.


Wallace is a lovely gent who is looking for a quiet home with some lovely adults to adorn him with affection!

Wallace came to the shelter when his prior owner wasn’t providing the care Wallace needed. Wallace had a severe flea allergy which caused much of his fur to fall out and lots of sores and scabs to form all over his body. He was so uncomfortable and unhappy. To top it off, Wallace could barely use his back legs, staggering around as though drunk. We weren’t sure what had happened, but it was clear Wallace needed help.

After lots of TLC and some medicine to relieve his pain and help with the allergy, he is now doing much better! He is currently on foster, where he is managing to navigate stairs (amazing considering how he came to us) and he loves to scratch and kick his scratch post! Wallace really likes to cuddle up with his fosterer on the couch and has even started to play. His fur is growing back beautifully also, and he is grooming himself again!

This handsome chap is looking for a forever home, with someone who can keep a close eye on him to make sure he is always comfortable and happy and to give him all the love he wants and deserves. He isn’t keen on other cats and hasn’t lived with dogs or kiddies, so a calm adult only home would be best.

As Wallace is improved, but not 100% on his legs, we would prefer him to stay in an enclosed garden if having time outside, so that he isn’t in any danger.

Wallace will make a lovely companion kitty for someone…will it be you?…


Paddy is an older chap with a heart of gold, who is hard of hearing and likes to shout!

Paddy has so much character, he will make a lovely companion to someone who can give him the time and company he needs.

Paddy has hyperthyroidism, which at the moment is controlled by twice daily medication, which he takes very well! Paddy is currently with a fosterer and enjoys being pampered and waited on hand and foot!

Paddy has been outside before, but does like his home comforts now, a warm radiator and comfy bed! Or a lap!

Paddy wasn’t happy living with a dog in his previous home, and we feel he would prefer to have all of the attention to himself! Paddy has had a little human visitor while at his fosterers house, he was very nice with her and even cuddled up with her for a nap. So it’s a possibility that Paddy could live with children that are gentle and calm around him, and leave him to his own devices when necessary.

As Paddy has a long term condition that wouldn’t now be covered on insurance, the Shelter may be able to assist with this. Please enquire for more information.

Please complete our adoption application to express your interest. If you have already completed the form, please get in touch to express your specific interest. 


Tony came to the shelter when his previous owners circumstances changed.

Tony is very much an outdoorsy cat and very much misses being able to go out in the fresh air and lay in the grass.

Tony is affectionate and can be chirpy and vocal (usually when he’s hungry!). He will come to you when he wants a bit of fuss and he will let you know if you’re doing too much!

Tony would prefer a home with no other cats or dogs and with no young children.

Tony isn’t very happy with shelter life, and just needs that special someone to give him a chance and take Tony for the wonderful cat he is and will be in a home.

If you can give this confident, independent chappy a great home, please complete our application.