Are You Considering Adoption?

We have now moved to an appointments only system for adoption visits. This will make our adoption process even smoother for everyone involved, and will ensure that by the time you visit, we’ll know straight away which cats are puuurrrfect for your home!

If you would like to register your interest in adoption, learn more about if we have any cats available who might suit you, and to look into booking a time to visit our shelter, please complete our Adoption Application form (link below).

This form can now be filled in and submitted online. It will then be checked by our staff, after which we will contact you to book in a visit, as long as you have provided everything required**.

We have also had to update our home check process due to COVID.

Due to high demand for adoption, there may be a delay in processing your application, so please bear with us, we run on a very small team of staff.

If you require assistance with the online form, simply phone us on 0114 272 4441 (1:30pm – 3pm any day) and we will happily send you a paper application in the post.

**Please note: If you are in rented accomodation, you will need to provide us with a written permission statement from your landlord/housing authority  to support the progress of your application. If you own other cats, we will need proof of neuter and vaccine status in order to progress the application. We will not contact you until these have been provided. 

Our adoption fee is £100 per cat
However, this amount only partially covers the essential costs of neutering, vaccinating, microchipping, and feeding each cat that comes to us, and any additional donation you are able to make is greatly appreciated.
If I live on a main road can I still adopt a cat?

Some cats or kittens are used to being kept indoor only and may be suitable for you.  You can discuss this with Staff when you visit us. We do not allow cats used to going outside, to be re-homed as an indoor cat.

Can I borrow a cat carrier to take my new cat home?

Yes you can. You can also buy a new or used carrier at the same time you adopt. This will ensure you always have a carrier should you need it for vet visits etc.

What is pre-adoption and how does it work?

Sometimes cats or kittens are available to view and meet you but can’t be adopted immediately. This could be due to them needing medication, further vet visits or perhaps a period of monitoring or recuperation.
In these cases you can pay a non-refundable £10 pre adoption fee which reserves the cat until he or she is ready to come home with you. Please note that the £10 fee is in addition to the adoption fee.

Do I need my landlord/housing authority's permission to keep a cat at my home before I can adopt?

Yes, and we need to see proof of the permissions in writing from the landlord/housing authority, specifically, the Landlord name and address, your name and address and the statement of consent to have a cat in the household. For helpful information, please visit

Why do you want to know if my existing cats are vaccinated?

Taking your cat for regular vaccinations is part of being a responsible pet owner in order to make sure your cat is protected from certain illnesses and diseases. The cats admitted to the shelter come from different backgrounds and may have come across viruses/diseases that they don’t necessarily suffer with, but which they could be carrying and therefore pass to other unvaccinated cats. 

Can I take my cat home the same day I see them or can I reserve them

The majority of our cats can go home with you straight away. Unfortunately, cats that are available for immediate adoption can’t be reserved.
However, there are circumstances when cats or kittens can be pre adopted, see below.

Why can’t some cats be re-homed to a particular area of Sheffield?

If a cat is re-homed to an area it previously lived in, there is a chance he or she might try to return to their old home.

Is a cat the right pet for me?

We think a cat is the perfect companion for many homes, however there are a few things to consider before adopting a cat.

We recommend doing some research into cat care and what it entails, as well as looking into the costs associated with taking care of a cat such as food, litter, flea and worm treatment, insurance/vet bills, if you can find a sitter/cattery for holidays, and how much time the cat would be spending alone.

What is the adoption process?

All potential adopters must fill in the form at the top of this page. Once you have provided all the relevant information (e.g. landlord approval, vaccination records) we will look at your form and get in touch via email or phone to arrange an appointment to visit the Shelter.

On the day of your appointment we’ll introduce you to all the cats we think would be suitable for your home, and then if all goes well you can take the cat home that day!

Why adopt instead of shop?

Unlike sellers, all our cats receive a full veterinary check-up and are vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped prior to adoption. These services are covered in our adoptions costs as well, making adoption cheaper than buying in many cases.

As a reputable, ADCH registered cat shelter, committed to cat welfare, we go much further than many cat sellers to make sure our cats are healthy, happy, and suitable for your home, as well as providing support post adoption.