Become A Sponsor Today

You could sponsor a cat from as little as £4.50 per month!

 To make sure that every cat that needs a home finds a home, we foster the cats that come to us who need a lifetime of care to stay healthy and happy.

By sponsoring one of our cats for just £4.50 a month (that’s only 15p a day!) you help us provide these lovely cats with food, medicine, care, and any treatments their conditions might need for the rest of their lives.

Why are the cats up for Sponsorship not available for adoption?

The cats available to be sponsored are some of our Long-Term Foster cats. These cats have special requirements, medically and sometimes for food or care as well.  The Sheffield Cats Shelter continues to pay for these when they find their forever homes. These lucky ones have already found their forever homes, but your donation can help with the costs of their ongoing treatments.

How does my Sponsorship money help?

By sponsoring one of our cats, you are helping to pay for the costs of vet fees, food, and care for the cat that you choose. Your sponsorship money will also go towards supporting the work done at The Sheffield Cats Shelter and help us care for the 400 cats a year that we re-home on average.

What do I get with a Sponsorship?

Sponsoring a cat will go so far towards supporting the work we do. As a thank you for signing up, you will receive a welcome pack with gifts, some you can only get through Sponsorship.

The Standard sponsorship pack contains:

  • A £5 gift voucher to be used at our charity shops
  • 120 year anniversary book
  • A Thank You letter signed by Shelter staff
  • Monthly Shelter newsletter
  • Quarterly updates on your sponsored cat
  • A sponsorship certificate

The Deluxe Sponsorship pack contains:

  • The Sheffield Cats Shelter Bag
  • A £10 gift voucher to be at our charity shops
  • 120 year anniversary book
  • A Thank You letter signed by the Shelter staff
  • Monthly Shelter newsletter
  • Quarterly updates
  • A sponsorship certificate

How long will it take for my welcome pack to arrive?

Sponsorship sign-ups take around 8 to 10 days to process- this is because we have to wait for the first donation to fully clear before we can post out your welcome pack. Please do be sure to bare this in mind when signing up, especially if it will be for a gift.

The Deadline for Christmas Gift Sponsorship, with guaranteed welcome pack arrival by 25th December, is 3rd December. This is to allow for the sign-up to go through, and to allow for slower December postage.

Do I have to choose just one cat?

Don’t worry, though your Sponsorship money will primarily go towards the care of your chosen cat, anything left over will go to The Sheffield Cats Shelter and help the other cats in our care. We love all of our cats and will care for them the same, regardless of the percentage of followers!


Become a Sponsor Today

If you choose to sponsor one of our cats, the first instalment of your gift is a ‘payment’ and is not tax deductible. This covers the cost of your welcome pack. Any subsequent instalments are donations, and by allowing us to claim Gift Aid you can add an extra 25% to the value of your gift. Once you’ve chosen which cat you’d like to sponsor, please complete our Gift Aid Declaration Form to ensure your gifts will support even more cats.