Do What You Do Best To Help Cats In Need


The Sheffield Cats Shelter has been operating for 125 years and we have rehomed tens of thousands of cats in this time.

If you would like to go the extra mile to help cats in need and protect a piece of Sheffield history then we have plenty of fun ideas down below.


We couldn’t do the work we do without your support.

What We Do

300 cats a year rehomed

We rehome an average of 300 cats a year that had nowhere else to go

We protect cats with long-term conditions

We have cats in long-term foster care who rely on us to pay for their vet bills

Rooms, not cages

This ensures the Shelter is a place for cats to feel safe, socialise, and grow in confidence

We never put a healthy cat down

Unlike some other charities, we do everything we can to help, heal, and rehome every cat that comes to us

We are an independent charity

We rely on the donations of our supporters alone to protect cats in need

Our monthly vet bills can reach £8000/month

With so many sick and abandoned cats coming to us in 2020, our vet bills have skyrocketed

How Your Support Can Help


  • Microchip & 1 Days Food
  • Interactive Toy & Treats
  • Worm Treatment for a Kitten
  • Cat Scratchpad & Catnip


  • Flea & Worm Treatment for a Kitten
  • 1 Weeks Food
  • 1 Tub of Milk-substitute Powder for Hand-rearing Orphaned Kittens


  • 1 Months Food for an Adult Cat
  • Cat Steps for Senior Cats
  • Pack of High Quality Catnip Cat Toys


  • One Blood Test for Check-up of Older or Sick Cats
  • One Neuter and Microchip
  • A Nice Cat Tree


  • 1 Neuter, Microchip and Course of Vaccinations for One Cat
  • Two Months Specialist Diet Food for Renal Cats, Diabetic Cats and Cats with Sensitive Tummies

Fundraising Ideas

The most important part of fundraising is that it’s a fun experience for everyone involved. So if you love running, reading, dancing, baking, quizzing, climbing, writing, drawing, then do what you do best and shine for cats in need.

Here’s a few ideas to get you inspired:


Clear Out!

Have a Clear Out of Old Books!

Host a Lunch Event!

Books and Baking, Coffee and Cake, Host a BBQ for Friends and Family.

Quiz Night

Host a Quiz Night with your Mates.

Give Something Up for Charity

Chocolate is Always a Good Choice!

Fitness Challenge

Give Yourself a Fitness Challenge. Go from Couch to 5K for Cats in Need.

Birthday Competition!

Having a Birthday Get Together? Why Not Throw in a Competition for Charity!

Take Your Fundraising To Work

Get your Colleagues Involved by Taking your Fundraising Idea to Work!


Host a Virtual Quiz!

Challenge Your Friends With A Fun Quiz

Fitness Challenge

Take on a Fitness Challenge and Share your Progress on Social Media

Budding Artist?

Push your Talents for Cats in Need at Events like Inktober, NaNoWriMo and more!

Cultivate Wellness for Charity.

Take up a Yoga or Meditation Challenge to Spread Good Vibes and Build Awareness About the Therapeutic Value of our Furry Friends

Having a Clear Out?

Auction Your Clutter Online and Turn it Into Valuable Essentials for Our Cats.

Try Something New On Camera Challenge!

Feeling Brave? Try Something New on Camera to Raise Money for Charity! Skydiving, Axe Throwing, Diving, Dancing – Whatever you’ve been Daring Yourself to Try!


Want to set up a fundraising page so everyone can track your progress?

Its easy with Just Giving

Donating Advice

After you’ve done your wonderful work raising funds, you’ll no-doubt want to know how to send them to our cats in need! Heres the easiest ways to donate what you’ve raised:


You can donate to our PayPal account at the following email:

Direct Donation

You can donate directly via our donate page.

Physical Money & Cheques

If you have physical money or a cheque you can send it to:

1 Travis Place



S10 2DB

Please make cheques payable to The Sheffield Cats Shelter

Bank Transfer

You can also transfer money directly via BACS. To get our bank details get in touch with us at:


Will you be able to attend my event?

Due to the workload our small team has every day we are often unable to attend outside events. However, we are happy to advertise most events on our social pages if you get in touch with us in advance.

When would be a good time to run my event

We recommend finding days in the calendar that people are already involved in or are likely to have off. For example, events around annual days like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas often attract more attention, and events on bank holidays are often a success because they give families something they can do together.

I am looking to run my event in a public space. Are there any legal issues I should know about?

Whilst most events will be fine there are a few things you should consider. If you are holding a collection on a street or public area please ensure that you have the correct permissions or license from your local authority, and that collections in private spaces have the permission of the property owner. This also applies to public performances (which may require a Public Entertainment License), and events in which alcohol are sold (which would require a temporary or permanent license).