Good News Stories From The Sheffield Cats Shelter


We love success stories here at The Sheffield Cats Shelter so here are some of our many successful adoptions. We couldn’t do it without your support and donations – thank you!


Arthur was adopted from us way back in 2011, so we were thrilled to get a 13 year update showing that he is still happy and healthy in his forever home!

Arthur came to us as a young kitten suffering from cat flu and a weepy eye, but he’s been thriving ever since his adoption! To give a cat like Arthur a chance just head to our adoptions page!


No wonder Teddy is looking at his reflection in a garden mirror: he’s a handsome cat, and a happy cat too now that he’s been adopted into his new home!

Teddy was brought to us in sad circumstances, but he now has a great future ahead of him. Teddy’s loving new owner says, “We think the world of him – thank you for creating a perfect match!”


Tony was our longest serving resident at The Sheffield Cats Shelter. His occasional anxiety issues had made it hard for him to find a home, meaning that he had been in our shelter for over seven months. Great news – Tony’s luck has changed, and he’s now found his perfect forever home! His new pet human says, “He’s such a good boy we are really happy that he came to live with us.” 


Jezz was well loved and cared for by his previous owner, but health issues meant that they had to bring him to our shelter.

It was an uncertain time for Jezz, but thankfully he now has a new home and a new owner who also loves him very much! All these success stories are only made possible by your support and donations – thank you from Jezz and all of us here at The Sheffield Cats Shelter!


The Sheffield Cats Shelter has been helping cats and kittens since 1897: that’s 127 years of shelter success stories and cat lives changed for the better, and we couldn’t do it without your help! We’d love it if you could make a donation, however small; every pound leads to another success story!