When Spitfire came to us she had been stuck in a home full of unneutered cats and given birth to multiple litters. She was also very sick with bad teeth, a heart murmur, and a malformed ear which had to be removed.

We always knew this left Spitfire open to ear infections, and sadly over Spring Spitfire has battled with one of the worst we’ve ever seen. It resisted ear drops, antibiotics, and a clean under sedation by the vets.

After weeks of these treatments it was agreed by all that she needed a more serious operation. This operation was invasive and Spitfire had a difficult, month-long recovery, but she is slowly on the mend.

The total bills for these treatments came to £1172.22.

Sadly, this amount is not covered by her total sponsorship funds for this year, and she will most likely have more infections in the future. The ear canal may one day need to be removed.

Please consider sponsoring Spitfire, or visiting our donations page to help us make sure she can always get the best treatments available.