The temperature is rising and humans are getting hot under the collar, so how do we ensure that our beloved cats can keep their cool and have a summer of fun rather than a summer to avoid? In this post, our own Cat Welfare Manager, Becki, shares her tips on how to protect your cat when the heat is on!

It’s a hot summer so it’s important to keep your cool and keep your cats cool. The Cat Welfare Manager of The Sheffield Cats Shelter can help.

As we are getting to the warmer, muggier, stickier days of the year, we wanted to share some tips to help keep your kitty cool…..🧊

  1. Put a cool mat down…….
    They wont lay on it but at least you’ve made the effort
  2. Wet your hands and wipe across the cats coat….
    They won’t thank you for it, but at least you’ve made the effort
  3. For outdoor cats, ensure they have shade by way of a box or table in the garden etc…….
    They will still lay out in the sun, but at least you’ve made the effort
  4. For indoor cats, Keep blinds closed and windows securely ajar for a breeze…..
    They’ll likely get behind the blind and sit in the sun, but at least you made the effort
  5. For those without cool mats, make your own cool pods by freezing a 2L bottle of water and wrapping in a towel…….
    Cat will sniff it and walk off, but at least you’ve made the effort 🤦‍♀️😸

In all seriousness though, be sure to provide some of these things and keep a close eye on all of your animals during the hot weather. Remember, if you’re warm, think how much warmer you’d be in a fur coat! (Please Consult your vet if you’re worried about your pet)