Over the past few weeks we have received dozens if not hundreds of applications from people seeking kittens. Whilst we will always do our best to find a cat for every deserving home, we have now had more applications for kittens than we are likely to have kittens this year!

At the moment we have ten kittens in the shelter, and whilst we will be taking more kittens in as soon as we can we know that we are unlikely to keep up with the current demand. Whilst we would love to bring in more kittens at a time, we are a small shelter and are limited by the size of our premises.

We’re so thankful to everyone who is looking to offer one of our sweet kittens a forever home, but we think it’s important to let everyone know that the kittens we will rescue this year already have homes waiting for them down the line. For those who have already filled in applications looking for kittens, we will be working through our backlog as quickly as we can.