During the lockdown we have been unable to offer adoptions at the Shelter due to the high risk this would pose to both staff and visitors. However, we have also received literally hundreds of applications from people looking to adopt, and so we have come up with a solution that will allow us to give the cats in our care a home.

How it Works

Our cat team will look through the applications we have received and try to match our cats with families. When we think we’ve found a match we’ll get in touch with you to chat about the cat, and for the cats that are currently on short term foster we will put fosterers in touch with you as well.

This will help you get a clear picture of the cat, what their temperament or quirks are, and if you think your home would be suitable.

If all goes well and everyone is satisfied, we can arrange either for you to collect kitty from the fosterer or collect kitty from the shelter, contact free. We will give you a handover sheet and have a chat at a safe 2+ metre distance to make sure everything is clear and covered.

Of course, this can’t replace the experience of actually meeting a cat, and so the cat will be “fostered” by you for 10-14 days (21 days will be allowed if they need extra time, for example with shy cats).

At the end of this period our Deputy Cat Welfare Manager will get back in touch with you to complete the adoption paperwork and collect the adoption fee (by card over the phone, PayPal, or BACS.)

If things do not work out, the cat will return to their previous foster home (or the shelter) for the time being. Of course, we want to avoid this where possible to minimize the stress of moving around for the cats.

It may be possible at times for you to be able to visit the shelter (by appointment arranged by us only) in order to meet a cat that is residing at the shelter. However, this is dependant on current government guidelines so could be subject to change.

Some of our cats have not had their full course of vaccinations due to them being cancelled, or being part of a backlog of vet appointments while we’ve been in lockdown. These cats may still be adopted, so long as you can agree to take your new cat to Highfield Vets to complete their vaccinations at the appointment date and time set out by the shelter. The costs of vaccination will go straight to the Shelter itself, as always.

Going forward

We hope that this has made everything clear, and that this will allow our cats to find their forever homes even in this time of crisis. Our goal, as ever, is to make sure that every cat that needs a home, finds a home, and with this method we hope that we will be able to do this once again.

If you would like to fill in an adoption form you can do so at our adoptions page.

Due to the volume of application forms we have received we can’t guarantee a time at which we will get in touch with you. Please understand the difficulty of our situation and know that we will be in touch as soon as possible.

If you have any general queries, please direct them to info@thesheffieldcatshelter.org.uk, and if you have any questions about our adoption process or have already filled in a form and would like to express interest in a particular cat, then please contact us at adoptions@thesheffieldcatsshelter.org.uk.