There’s a red extreme heat warning in place, so please keep cool and please keep your cats cool!
Here are the common warning signs of heatstroke in cats: panting and drooling, restlessness and confusion, changes in gum and tongue colour, weakness, staggering, muscle tremors and collapse.

If your cat is showing signs of heatstroke remove them from direct sun or warm areas immediately, apply cool water over fur and skin, use a fan on them, and take them to a vet immediately!

Please keep your cats indoors and in the shade in extreme heat if possible and give them lots of fresh, cool water (you can also add water to their wet food). Please share, and let’s all keep our cool when the heat is on (like our very own Queenie in the picture above).

It’s also important, of course, to keep cats cool in this searing heat, so take a look at our handy hints below presented by our one eyed kittie Captain Barbarossa – the coolest cat we know. Oh, and please do check your sheds and outbuildings – stray or neighbourhood cats may have taken refuge from the heat there.