ONE – Neutered cats can be much better behaved

Female cats who are in season are more likely to regularly “call” for male cats (roaming around, yowling, etc) at regular intervals, and are more likely to misbehave or roam in strange places. Male cats are more likely to roam across a wider area, spray their territory (which makes for a nasty smell) and get into fights.

TWO – Neutering is better for your cats health

Unneutered females are more likely to suffer from infections of the womb, as well as develop mammary tumours. Male cats are more likely to suffer injuries from fights and spread FIV/FelV to other cats. Not only this, but the larger areas unneutered cats tend to roam makes them more likely to be involved in road accidents.

THREE – Neutering saves you money in the long run

Whilst neutering your cats costs money (though there are schemes available to help reduce these costs), it can also mean you do not need to replace furniture damaged by female cats or stained by male cats marking their territory. Not only this, but it is much cheaper than caring for a litter should your cat become pregnant.

FOUR – Help us fight overpopulation

The UK suffers from a massive overpopulation of cats, which we and every other cat shelter are doing everything we can to address in our local areas. It is estimated that as many cats are feral as have homes. By neutering your cat, you can make your own contribution to the welfare of cats throughout the country.

FIVE – Neutered cats can be more affectionate

Neutered cats tend to be calmer and more friendly towards their owners and other humans. Not only does this make us – their adoring owners – happier, it also means your cats will be happier as they won’t be fighting other cats or roaming around thanks to their hormones. They can focus on the things that matter most in life: treats, naps, and the warm spot on the windowsill during the Summer!

To do our bit to prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce feline overpopulation, we neuter every cat that comes to us (as well as vaccinating and micro-chipping them).