We’ve been helping cats and kittens since 1897, making us one of the UK’s oldest surviving animal charities, but we still like to keep up with the latest developments in cat welfare.

That’s why two members of our cat welfare team visited the world famous Battersea Dogs and Cats Home last year. As well as bumping into the late, great Paul O’ Grady they also looked at just how Battersea operated – and they came back with ideas to make our shelter even better for the cats within it.

One of the first steps was to improve our attic area, so that it could become a cat room which had more open space, as well as more areas in which an anxious cat or kitten could hide themselves away if they felt the need. The cost for this renovation was a four figure sum, so we were delighted that Sheffield Council and Local Area Committees agreed to fund our project. We’d like to thank them on behalf of all the staff, volunteers and cats here: cats like Dollie who is now in our perfect attic cat room with her four baby kittens. This environment will give them all they need to build their trust and confidence, until they can all be adopted into their forever homes!