You may have heard of The Big Help Out on Monday, 8th May 2023? People, charities and organisations across the country are coming together to do something wonderful during this special Coronation weekend.

The idea behind The Big Help Out is that people can give volunteering a go, and help lots of great causes along the way. We’ve been helping cats in need for 126 years, and counting, and quite frankly we couldn’t have done it without our brilliant volunteers – which is why we fully support The Big Help Out philosophy.

One area in which our volunteers prove particularly useful is in our shops. We have two charity shops, on Ecclesall Road and in Hillsborough Barracks, and they make a major contribution to our funds and our ability to be there for cats in crisis. That’s why we’re inviting people to try volunteering in one of our shops on Big Help Out Day. To find out more, email or drop into one of our shops and talk to Rachael, Ann, Marie or Stuart about becoming a shop volunteer on that day or beyond.